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75 Apartments for RENT in KIPS BAY

Kips Bay

Kips Bay

Kips Bay

Located on the east side of New York City, Kips Bay or Kip’s Bay is a neighborhood in Midtown Manhattan. The area is surrounded by Third Avenue from the west, East River from the east, East 34th Street from north and 23rd Streets from south. The primary zip codes of Kips Bay are 10016 and 10010 and it is a part of Manhattan Community District 6.

Kips Bay gives an ample supply of daily needs like grocery stores, ATM’s and convenience of travelling. The neighborhood is itself bounded by many mini-neighborhoods like Curry Hill. The south-east side of this area is known for the educational institutes and Baruch College is also located at this site.


East River which is now running from 32nd Street to 37th Street was originated from Kips Bay. The neighborhood was named after the New Netherland Settler Jacobus Hendrickson Kip. Later on, the Bay became reclaimed land and the name remained ‘Kips Bay’.

The development of Kips Bay took place in patches and many high-rises and party walls were built here. Henry Phipps was a successful real estate investor and four Henry Phipps apartments were built in the neighborhood in the 1960s and later. Another notable building in this area is Kips Bay Towers. This building is a complex which was built in 1963 and has 1,112 units.

Waterside Plaza is another worth-looking building here and is built on a pier above the East River. There are many residential towers in this plaza and a school named United Nations International School. In the 1980s, there was a plan of building other above-water buildings but community opposition failed this plan.


NYC Government considers Kips Bay as a part of Murray Hill-Kips Bay for the census purposes. Back in 2000, the total population of Murray Hill-Kips Bay neighborhood was 48,419 but the numbers increased by 4.6% in 2010 as the population of the neighborhood was 50,742 at that time, according to the data of United States Census. The density of this area is 97,000/sq. mi; 37,400/km2 and the total area is 334.93 acres.

According to the stats of 2017, the average income in the neighborhood was $99,107 and only 4% of people were unemployed at that time.

What’s here?

For cyclists, Kips Bay is an ideal place with bike lanes in First and Second Avenues. Fitness lovers can jog at the East River pathway and the nearby Asser Levy Recreation Center. People living on the east side of the neighborhood may listen to more sirens than they would like to as the Kips Bay is home to Bellevue Hospital Center and NYU College of Dentistry.


Due to the quiet and safe surroundings, Kips Bay may be considered as one of the most unassuming and simple neighborhoods in Manhattan. People with families like to live here due to the simple nature of the area. Due to the influx of business activities, young professionals and businessmen are rushing towards the neighborhood.

Buildings – Flat or Tall?

There are many high-rises as well as brownstones in Kips Bay. Due to lack of nigh life, rents in the neighborhood are cheap.