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Located in the central portion of New York City, Kensington is a neighborhood in Brooklyn. It is surrounded by Coney Island Avenue from the east, 18th Avenue from the south, Fort Hamilton Parkway from the north and McDonald Avenue from the west. The neighborhood is generally a residential area with Victorian to apartment buildings.

The primary zip code of Kensington is 11218 and its main streets are Ditmas Avenue, McDonald Avenue, and Church Avenue.


The population of Kensington is 50,152 with a density of 65,257 people per square mile.


In its early days, Kensington was a part of ‘Town of Flatbush’ and in the 17th century, it was colonized by Dutch farmers. And then the British took over the neighborhood in 1737. The area established after the development of Ocean Parkway in 1885. Ocean Parkway which connects Coney Island to Prospect Park was completed in 1880 features chess tables, landscaped malls and bike paths.


The F and G trains run through the western part of the Kensington and have stops at Church Avenue and Fort Hamilton Parkway. Other than that, local buses like B8, B16, B35, B67, B68, B69, B70, and B103 also serve the neighborhood.


Kensington homes to a few notable primary schools including P.S.1 30 (shared with Windsor Terrace), P.S. 230, P.S. 179, and P.S. 134. And the middle schools include J.H.S. 62 and J.H.S. 23. It also has a branch of Brooklyn Public Library located at 4207 18th Avenue.

Notable people of the neighborhood include Bryce Dessner, Bruce Morrow, Jo Freeman, Yisroel Belsky, Nisson Wolpin, Gedalia Schorr, and Sid Luckman.

Adjacent Neighborhoods

Windsor Terrace, Borough Park, Prospect Park South, Midwood, and Ditmas Park.

Buildings – Flat or Tall?

Kensington is filled with tow-family townhouses and brownstones. And you can easily find a rental apartment here at a reasonable price.



What’s here?

Kensington is a quiet and peaceful neighborhood with some beautiful old Victorians. On the major thoroughfares, you will find a mix of evolving business, parks and schools. The pace of life here is not too fast and the architecture would take you in back time.

Most of the people in Kensington are Myriad and thus took their traditions with them. Bars are not in abundance here but the afternoons are spent playing chess on Ocean Parkway. As compared to the other parts of Brooklyn, per square foot price is relatively lower. You will find plentiful of new apartments towards the southern portion of Kensington.

Don’t forget to visit ‘The Dogwood’ restaurant located on Church Avenue. Notable restaurants in the neighborhood are Thai Farm Kitchen, UpSide Craft Burger, and Lahori Chilli. K-Town of Kensington is full of nightlife with the opening of bars, cafes and lounges.

If you are fond of live music, head towards ‘The Castello Plan’. As compared to its neighborhoods, Kensington is less known but still, it is a home of more than 50,000 people. If you want to skip the Brooklyn bustle, then there is nothing better than Kensington.