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Located in the proximity of South Brooklyn, Gowanus is a neighborhood in New York City, Brooklyn. It is surrounded by Bond Street from the west, Wyckoff Street from the north, the Gowanus Expressway from the south and Fourth Avenue from the east. The neighborhood is just 15-minutes’ walk away from the Barclays Center.

Gowanus is a small area of Brooklyn which is steps away from Carroll Gardens and Park Slope. Due to the proximity of these neighborhoods, there is no shortage of restaurants and bars here. If you are looking for an unconventional area to live which is close to routine-life facilities, look no further than Gowanus.  


The population of Gowanus is 7,565 with a density of 26,983 people per square mile whereas the average density of Brooklyn is 34,917 people per square mile.

Adjacent Neighborhoods

Carroll Gardens, Park Slope, Boerum Hill, South Slope, Cobble Hill and Red Hook.


Just like other areas of Brooklyn, Gowanus was Dutch farmland originally. In the 1600s, the neighborhood was a large exporter of oysters internationally. In the late 1800s, New York State developed the surrounding areas of Gowanus and the whole neighborhood soon became industrialized. However, in the meantime, the Gowanus Canal suffered from massive pollution as the canal gathered a huge amount of contaminated material from factories.

But in 2010, the Federal Government took notice and made Gowanus Canal a federal Superfund site. Two huge tanks were built to gather material from warehouses and factories. Till the 21st century, residential developers hesitated to build apartments here due to the poor sewerage and drainage system.

Over the years, the Gowanus Canal was considered as a Mafia Dumping Ground but the millennium has changed the canal to a booming restaurant and bar scene.   

Buildings – Flat or Tall?

Gowanus is filled with flat warehouses and townhouses. However, there are some high rises on 4th Avenue. If you are looking for a rental apartment here in Gowanus, you will surely enjoy the proximity to Brooklyn Boulders.  

Eating here

Gowanus has no shortage of eateries as you can enjoy fresh flavored bread at Runner & Stone. Other notable food points include Four & Twenty Blackbirds, Fletcher’s Brooklyn Barbecue, Littleneck, and The Roof.

Drinking options

Drinkers can head towards Lavender Lake where they can enjoy a beer at a huge backyard. Have a glass of nip and snacks at Threes Brewing.

Shopping in Gowanus

If you are looking to buy something like occult and taxidermy type, head towards the Morbid Anatomy Museum. 


At 3rd Avenue, you will find a line of trendy restaurants. Enjoy the indoor climbing at Brooklyn Boulders. Enjoy New York’s best croissants at Runner and Stone. Head towards 420 Blackbirds and enjoy best pies. If you visit Gowanus in winter, keep an eye on the Royal Palms Shuffle Board Club opening.  

Apart from food and shopping, Gowanus also provides you with a few playing options with archery lessons at Gotham Archery. You can also visit New York’s largest indoor gym – Brooklyn Boulders.