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2 Apartments for RENT in FLATBUSH




Founded in 1651, Flatbush is a neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York City. Prior to becoming a city, Flatbush was a town and had many subsections. For those looking for a suburban neighborhood, Flatbush is an ideal place. The primary zip code of Flatbush is 11226 and it is a part of Brooklyn Community District 14. The neighborhood was founded by Dutch colonists and its name is a calque of the Dutch language.


According to the US census of 2010, the population of Flatbush was 105,804 and has a density of 40,000/km2 (100,000/sq mi). It is two times more populated as compared to the average population of Brooklyn.


As discussed before, the area was established in 1651 and into the early 20th century its name was Midwood. Flatbush along with five other neighborhoods surrendered to the English in 1664. However, Dutch families had a strong hold on Flatbush till 1898.

In 1894, the neighborhood was incorporated to Brooklyn city. Till the start of the 20th century, most of the population here was of Jews, Italian-Americans and Irish-Americans. During the 1970s and 1980s, a demographic shift changed the population of Flatbush as many Jews, Irish and other Whites left the city while at the same time paved the way for Black of West Indies.

A demographic shift in the 1970s and 80s changed the population race of the neighborhood as the Whites paved the way for the Black community of West Indies. And by mid-1980s, many apartments of the neighborhood were abandoned and that led to the influx of low-income residents and exit of upper-class.

Buildings – Flat or Tall?

The neighborhood is dominated by the medium-sizes buildings especially to the north of the park. Rental buildings here are available at a cheaper price.

Adjacent Neighborhoods

Windsor Terrace, Kensington & Parkville, Midwood, East Flatbush and Prospect Lefferts Gardens.

What’s here?

There are several places in Flatbush which served Filipino, African and Mexican foods. So, for foodies, there are several options to choose from. Low rental apartments, proximity to Prospect Park, and strong transit link make Flatbush an ideal place for starting families.

If you are a biker, runner or stroller, you would certainly fall in love with the neighborhood. If you are in the neighborhood, don’t forget to participate in the Flatbush Frolic festival which takes place in September. Flatbush is also home to many elementary and intermediate schools. The neighborhood also hosts three branches of Brooklyn Public Library. One of those is located at 22 Linden Boulevard east of Flatbush Avenue, the second one at 2035 Nostrand Avenue south of Farragut Road and the third one at 560 New York Avenue near Maple Street.

Notable residents in Flatbush include Joseph Barbera, Mimi Sheraton, Michael Badalucco, Jackie Loughery, and Neil Diamond. Thanks to its affordability, nowadays Flatbush is attracting a lot of young professionals and families. If you want to access Manhattan, Q, 2, and 5 trains will serve you. Locals of Flatbush discuss politics and sports a lot, so expect long debates on weekends.