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122 Apartments for RENT in EAST VILLAGE

East Village

East Village

East Village

Located on the east side of Manhattan, New York City, East Village is an energetic hub of youth and activity. There are three subsections of East Village: Little Ukraine; Alphabet City; and Bowery. In the mid-1960’s, many artists, students, and musicians joined this area.

East Village is full of luxurious apartments and lunch spots. The development of new apartments and rental buildings is in progress since 1930 and more than 30% of the people live in buildings with more than 50 units.

Atmosphere and Activities

East Village is home to many lovable misfits and many artists have celebrated the area in stories. Filmmakers, poets and bohemian artists have all made their homes in East Village giving this area a diverse identity. If you are here, you can explore these things and cultural heritage as well.   

There are plenty of places to visit like comedy clubs, indie-rock, and restaurants in East Village. Another interesting thing about this place is the highest percentage of bars. NYU is in the proximity of East Village and that’s why this place has more ethnic diversity than the neighbourhoods.

Rents are median in East Village and there are plenty of places to stay. This place still has an artistic vibe in its atmosphere despite the gentrification process. You can feel the bohemian charm in the neighbourhood of East Village.

You can visit plenty of places to enjoy a cheap meal including DBGB Kitchen and Bar, Caracas Arepas, Motorino Pizza, and Sigmund Pretzel shop. The amenities in East Village are not limited to food only. There are quality boutique shops and art galleries as well.

St Mark's, a street in East Village, is home to tattoo parlours. Once this street was a hub of hippie culture. However, this street was able to maintain its personality throughout the transformation and that shows the strength of East Village culture.

Buildings – Flat or Tall?

As mentioned before, 30% of the renters live in the building with more than 50 units.  Most of the buildings in East Village were built before 1939 and after that high-rises continue to develop rapidly.


In the early days, East Village was occupied by the people known as ‘Lenape Native Americans’. The Lenape moved to the different parts of the city in different seasons. In summer, they spent most of the time at the seashore for fishing and during the fall and winter, they moved to inland for growing crops and to hunt.

East Village contained a lot of ‘boweries’ in those days like bowery no.1 and bowery no.2. Bowery no.1 and 2 was owned by Peter Stuyvesant, and Bowery no.3 by Gerrit Hendricksen. In the early 20th century, East Village went through complete gentrification and the property prices touched sky limits.

However, in 1970, rent prices were quite low in this area and people preferred to live in the neighbourhood. But in 1983, the influx of artists caused a lot of people to leave East Village due to high rents. In all this process, the crime rate continued to increase and drug deals being held openly in this area.

Then in 1988, the gentrification process caused a major riot known as ‘Tompkins Square Park riot’ in East Village. As a result of this riot, the gentrification process slowed down and rental prices declined.