11 Apartments for RENT in DUMBO



Rental Apartments in DUMBO, NYC

DUMBO is situated in the New York City borough of Brooklyn. DUMBO, which is an acronym for "Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass," used to be known as Gairville.  It consists of two sections: one of the sections is located across the East River between the Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan; and the second section continues from east of the Manhattan Bridge to the Vinegar Hill area. 

It was later referred to as "The Center of the Brooklyn Tech Triangles" because a large community of tech startups are located in this area. As a result of the large tech company presence, DUMBO has become the fourth most affluent and most expensive neighborhood in Brooklyn. In addition to its tech startup community, this area didn't lose its historical buildings, the majority of which are industrial and warehouse buildings. These building spaces were turned into luxurious and spacious residential lots. The DUMBO neighborhood has turned into the corporate headquarters for e-commerce retailers. 


DUMBO, NY Boundaries

DUMBO’s northern border is the Brooklyn Bridge Park and its western border is the Brooklyn Bridge. DUMBO is part of Brooklyn Community Board 2, and, in the late 20th century, David Walentas bought DUMBO and further developed the area. In fact, his company Two Trees Management remade the area to be more than just a ferry landing with warehouse and other industrial buildings; he turned it into the center of technology startups.


Buildings in DUMBO, NY

DUMBO has a tremendous historical background as an industrial section of New York. It was known for its warehouses and other industrial buildings. But it has now been transformed into luxurious and spacious apartment buildings. Moreover, these same dilapidated warehouses have been upgraded into art galleries and loft theaters. This area is now the headquarters for some of the world’s leading e-commerce industries. DUMBO is also famous for its Belgian Block Streets that are anchored with massive bridge structures. 


How Can Nyrentownsell Help You Find the Best Rental Apartment in DUMBO, NY?

Real estate professionals can help you quickly find an apartment in the DUMBO so you don’t have to take on this challenging task alone. DUMBO has a variety of buildings and apartments to choose from, and a real estate professional can not only help you locate an apartment; he or she can walk you through the contract signing process. 

NYRentownsell provides premium rent location services that will help ease the burden of searching for apartments on your own. Our team of real estate experts can provide you with a comprehensive list of apartments in the DUMBO catered to your specific wants and needs along with helpful advice and resources. 


How to Find Apartments for Rent in DUMBO, NY

Finding an inexpensive apartment in DUMBO can be pretty challenging.  It’s a good idea to first become familiar with the DUMBO area before beginning your apartment search. This will help you determine which areas of the neighborhood you like and the price points of apartments.  


No Fee Rental Apartment in DUMBO, NYC

The good news here is you can also find no-fee apartments in DUMBO that will allow you to rent directly from the building owner without involving the brokers. This translates to some financial relief for you as the renter. There are about 27 no fee apartments in the DUMBO starting from $1,200.


FAQ: Rental Apartments in DUMBO, NY 

What is the average apartment rent in DUMBO, NY?

The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in DUMBO, NY, is $4,473. This rate is an increase of 19% from 2021. The rent amount will vary depending on the area and location of the apartment. In some instances, you can rent a two-bedroom apartment for just $6,470, which is a 3% increase from 2021. 

What is the average studio apartment rent in DUMBO, NY?

The rent for a studio apartment in DUMBO has increased 3% from 2021 to around $3,195. 

What is the average one-bedroom apartment rent in DUMBO, NY?

The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment averages $4,473. 

What is the average two-bedroom apartment rent in DUMBO, NY?

The average rent for a two-bedroom apartment has also increased by 3% to approximately $6,470, but this price will vary depending on the apartment’s location. 

What is the average three-bedroom apartment rent in DUMBO, NY?

You can find a three-bedroom apartment in DUMBO, NYC for around $7,568. 

How expensive is it to rent an apartment in DUMBO, NY?

It comes down to how much you can afford. You can rent an apartment for as low as $3,000, and there’s no upper limit. It all depends on your budget and how much you’re comfortable spending each month. Factors like square footage, property amenities, and location also determine how expensive apartment rent is in DUMBO, NY. 

DUMBO, NY's Apartment Rent Ranges

The average rent range in DUMBO, NY is $3,300 a month.


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