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12 Apartments for RENT in DUMBO




DUMBO – abbreviation of Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass – is a historic neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York City. Basically, DUMBO is divided into two parts – one that connects Brooklyn to Manhattan and the second which starts at Manhattan Bridge and ends at the Vinegar Hill. It is surrounded by Vinegar Hill from the east, Brooklyn Bridge Park from the north, Brooklyn Heights from the south and Brooklyn Bridge from the west.

In the beginning, DUMBO was a ferry landing filled with warehouse buildings. The neighborhood then converted to a residential area in the late 20th century – thanks to developer David Walentas and his company Two Trees Management. Due to a large number of industrial buildings and proximity to Manhattan, DUMBO became the richest neighborhood of Brooklyn. Historically, the neighborhood is known for its art galleries and small tech start-ups.


According to the US census of 2010, the population of DUMBO was 1,139 with a density of 23,000/sq mi (8,800/km2).


DUMBO got a couple of nicknames over the history including Walentasville, Olympia, and Rapailie. Present-day DUMBO was considered as a part of Vinegar Hill in the 18th and 19th centuries. Before the 20th century, DUMBO was a manufacturing district that made soap pads and paper boxes. The deindustrialization of New York turned the neighborhood into a residential place and those looking for cheap apartments moved to DUMBO in the 1970s.  

The name ‘DUMBO’ came into practice by the locals in 1978 as they tried to keep the name strange to deter developers. Gentrification reached to the peak here after the property became more expensive in Manhattan in the late 20th century. Soon, DUMBO became an enclave for the artists of Manhattan Bridge and the East River.

Adjacent Neighborhoods

Vinegar Hill, Brooklyn Heights, Fulton Ferry and Downtown Brooklyn.

Buildings – Flat or Tall?

For those looking for high-rises and luxurious apartments will find themselves at ease here. However, DUMBO also remains true to its roots as the old-fashioned warehouses are still present in the original shape.

What’s here?

DUMBO – a historic district – where arts meets technology is a friendly neighborhood which offers plenty for its residents. Bike around Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridge to have a scenic view of the neighborhood. Enjoy the delicious pizzeria at Grimaldi's or celebrate a special event at The River Café. Coffee lovers can spend time at Brooklyn Roasting Co to enjoy iced coffee.

Taste the delicious chocolate, and bonbons at Jacques Torres Chocolate. Enjoy the live concert and catch the theatric performance at St. Ann's Warehouse. Immerse. Visit the nearby Bargemusic – a music hall – where you can immerse yourself with live music. Brooklyn Bridge Park which is located nearby offers plenty of activities like yoga classes and outdoor movies. If you are in the town, don’t forget to participate in the DUMBO Arts Festival.

If you want to visit DUMBO from the city, take A, C, or F train or you can use the East River Ferry. DUMBO is an ideal place for those looking for a place full of outdoor activities.