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Crown Heights

Crown Heights


Crown Heights

Located in the central portion of New York City, Crown Heights is a neighborhood in Brooklyn. It is surrounded by Clarkson Avenue from the south, Atlantic Avenue from the north, Washington Avenue from the west and Ralph Avenue from the east. Crown Heights is 3.2km long and 1.6km wide. Eastern Parkway is the only thoroughfare here and it is 3.2km long.

In the early days, the neighborhood was known as Crow Hill. It was named so as the area was a succession of hills. In 1916, when the area was cut through the hills, its name was changed to Crown Heights. Crown Height’s southern portion is a part of Brooklyn Community District 9 whereas its northern half is a part of Brooklyn Community District 8.


According to the stats of 2016, the population of Crown Heights was 143,000 with a density of 39,000/km2 (100,000/sq mi). One interesting thing to note here is that almost 75% of the residents are Black here.


Although no physical evidence, but present-day Crown Heights was settled by Lenape. The first settlement in the area around present-day Crown Heights was made by Europeans in 1661. In the early 20th century, Crown Heights emerged as a fashionable residential neighborhood of bourgeois class. Beginning of the 1900s also saw the construction of many high-rises and upper-class residences here.

It is also reflected that before World War II, Crown Heights was among the premier neighborhoods of New York. Timespan from 1920 to 1960 saw a dominance of Whites and especially Jewish. But later many Blacks from Jamaica as well as West Indies populated the neighborhood. By 1957, one-fourth of the population of Crown Heights was Black.

In the late 20th century, Crown Heights was crowned as one of the poorest neighborhoods due to the high unemployment rate. The 21st century brought an amazing change to the neighborhood – thanks to the gentrification process.

Buildings – Flat or Tall?

Left out by the 1900s residents, Crown Heights hosts plenty of row houses and brownstones. In the early 21st century, prices of the complexes increased rapidly and that’s still the case. To maintain the historic culture of the neighborhood, Crown Heights consists of many characteristic, old-fashioned apartments. So, if you are looking for a vibrant, dynamic and gentrified community, don’t look further than Crown Heights.



Adjacent Neighborhoods

Lefferts Gardens, Clinton Hill, Bedford-Stuyvesant, Prospect Height, and Brownsville, East Flatbush.

What’s here?

If you are looking for great Caribbean food, your most probable destination should be Crown Heights as the neighborhood is home to the West Indians community. Neighboring Brooklyn Botanic and Prospect Park provide a soothing place for the residents. For pizza lovers, Barboncino is the place to go. Head towards The Crown Inn for a weekend meet up and enjoy a cocktail menu.  

Take your kids to the Brooklyn children's Museum or spend the leisure time at Bower Park. Enjoy your meal at the Morris Grilled Cheese truck or taste the delicious pasta with a drink at Al Di La Trattoria. Don’t miss out on West Indians carnival which takes place in September.