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178 Apartments for RENT in CHELSEA




Chelsea is a neighbourhood in midtown Manhattan, New York City. Chelsea contains Chelsea Historic District and its extension. The neighbourhood is surrounded by West Street from the west, 14th Street from south, Sixth Avenue from east and the upper 20’s from north. In 1977, Chelsea was included in the list of National Register of Historic Places.

Chelsea is a socially diverse place with plenty of city housing projects, apartment blocks, townhouses, and renovated rent houses. The neighbourhood is also known for its large LGBTQ population. There are more than 200 art galleries in this area and it is famous for the artwork.

In 2015, the gentrification process created a huge income gap between the rich living in luxurious apartments and the poor living in townhouses. The primary zip codes of Chelsea are 10011 and 10001.


Retired British Major Thomas Clarke bought this area in 1750 from Jacob Somerindyck and Chelsea takes its name from the Georgian-style house of Thomas Clarke. There was a retirement soldier home named ‘Royal Hospital Chelsea’ in London and Thomas named this neighbourhood Chelsea after the name of the hospital.

Retired Major then handed over now-called Chelsea to his daughter Charity, who along her husband expanded the area of the neighbourhood to 19th Street. Before World War I, Chelsea was home to motion picture industry. Many studios opened on 21st and 23rd Streets at that time.

In 1930, a huge apartment with luxurious facilities like swimming, gymnasium, and solarium was opened in Chelsea. The name of this apartment is London Terrace and is surrounded by Ninth and Tenth avenues. In 2016, a huge explosion took place outside a building on 23rd Street. In this incident 29 people injured and later police arrested the suspect named Ahmad Khan Rahami.    


Chelsea is a mixture of tenant houses, townhouses, and apartment blocks. You will find every living standard here from rich to poor class. Pop culture is best described by Chelsea and the neighbourhood is a quiet and easily accessible place in the centre of Manhattan. There are couple of interesting buildings in this area including London Terrace, Art Deco Verizon Building and Cushman Row.

You will find plenty of dining places here like The Chelsea Market, John Dory Oyster Bar and Cafeteria. Chelsea is home to many boutiques and clothing centres.



Buildings – Flat or Tall?

Chelsea is filled with pre-war buildings and you can’t expect much facilities in these old-fashioned apartments. However, there are a couple of high rises with luxurious amenities.


Visit art galleries, restaurants, and Nightlife.


Chelsea is a gay-friendly neighbourhood and you will listen to plenty of gay stories here. There are many gay bars and restaurants which give gay-culture a boost. People here are open-minded which makes the environment relaxed and easy-going.

Walking through the neighbourhood, you will find plenty of bars, restaurants, boutiques and unique stores. At night, a large crowd gathers to enjoy hip-hop and R&B music and clubs like Jay-Z’s 40/40 perform at night here.

If you are in Chelsea don’t forget to visit High Lane Park, The Frying Pan Restaurant, Hudson River Park, Gallow Green Rooftop Garden and The Meatball Shop.