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Apartments in Chelsea, NY

For over 130 years, Chelsea has had the distinction of being the art district of New York City and of Manhattan in particular. There are more than 200 art galleries in Chelsea, one of which is the Chelsea Hotel. This hotel is considered by some to be one of the pioneer landmarks of art in Chelsea.

Chelsea has evolved from being an industrial hub to one more centered on culture. This evolution can be witnessed by simply looking at the artistic impressions of Chelsea’s warehouses and lumber yards. 

Chelsea’s nightlife is quite amazing and inclusive. There are multiple speakeasy and LGBTQ-friendly bars in the area. Some popular hangouts are Little Island and High Line.

Chelsea has a high rate of college-graduates as residents. Chelsea also has two branches of the New York Public Library and a branch of the Carnegie Library, all of which foster a sense of continuing education at all ages.

Chelsea is well-connected to neighboring areas, too. It has multiple New York City bus routes including M7, M10, M11, M12, and M14.  


Chelsea Boundaries

Chelsea is located on the west side of Manhattan. Its southern border, 14th Street, has been long disputed, but it is bordered from the west by the Hudson River and West Street. Sixth Avenue forms the area’s eastern boundary, and 34th Street creates its northern border. 


Buildings in Chelsea 

The landmarks and infrastructure of Chelsea’s Historic District were designed by the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission in 1981.

The unique architecture of many of Chelsea’s buildings attract scores of tourists year-round. One of these uniquely-built buildings is the Chelsea Market Building. This building was constructed in the 1890s and was once a cookie factory where Oreos were first invented. The building was re-developed in the 1970s and converted into a shopping mall and office spaces.

Another one of Chelsea’s unique buildings is the Starrett-Lehigh Building. This building was built completely with big blocks. This building, which was completed in 1930, is currently used as a warehouse and office building.  

The most famous and historic building and tourist attraction is the Hotel Chelsea, also known as the Chelsea Hotel. This 12-floor, 250 unit building was built in 1885, and is made of red bricks. This building was once the home of many musicians, actors, and writers. Today the hotel is Chelsea's first private apartment cooperative.


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How to Find Apartments for Rent in Chelsea

Renting an apartment in Chelsea may be a difficult undertaking if done on your own. With all the different apartment types and amenities in Chelsea, finding one that not only suits your needs but also that you like can be a full-time job in and of itself.

One way to make finding an apartment easier is by doing some research beforehand. Consider your hobbies, shopping habits, and possibly your job location as you conduct your research. This will help you determine where in you’d like to live as well as what you can afford.

No-Fee Apartments in Chelsea

There are around 200 no-fee rental apartments in Chelsea. This means there are around 200 apartments in which can rent directly from the building owner and avoid having to pay a broker's fee.


FAQ - Chelsea Rental Apartments

What is the average studio apartment rent in Chelsea?

The average studio apartment rent in Chelsea is $3,500 a month. 

What is the average one-bedroom apartment rent in Chelsea?

A one-bedroom apartment in Chelsea rents for around $4,900 a month, which is almost 40% higher than in 2021.

What is the average two-bedroom apartment rent in Chelsea?

As of March 2022, the average two-bedroom apartment rent was around $7,500 a month depending on the apartment’s location and size.

What is the average three-bedroom apartment rent in Chelsea?

On average, a three-bedroom apartment rents at $9,600 a month.

How expensive is renting an apartment in Chelsea?

Manhattan neighborhoods have higher rent rates than New York City. Since Chelsea is a neighborhood in Manhattan, it, too, has a rent rate that is more expensive than some other areas in New York City.

Chelsea's Apartment Rent Ranges

The rent range for studio apartments in Chelsea is between $2,750 and $3,500 a month. One and two-bedroom apartments rent at an average range of $4,900 to $7,000 a month. The average rent range for three-bedroom apartments is between $5000 and $9,000 a month.


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