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18 Apartments for RENT in CENTRAL HARLEM

Central Harlem

Central Harlem

Central Harlem

Located in the Northern section of New York City, Central Harlem is a neighborhood in upper Manhattan. It is surrounded by Morningside Park and Frederick Douglass Boulevard from the west, the Harlem River from north, Central Park North from south and Fifth Avenue from east. Central Harlem was a Dutch village in early days and later named after Netherland city Haarlem.

The neighborhood has a rich history and beautiful architecture. It is home to many famous names like Langston Hughes, James Van Der Zee and Maya Angelou. Apollo Theater in which many famous artists performed is also located in Central Harlem.

Being part of Manhattan Community District 10, Central Harlem is patrolled by the New York City Police Department. The primary zip codes of the area are 10037, 10039, 10026, 10027, and 10030.Throughout the years, the neighborhood has seen many economic ups and downs and significant population shift.  


In the early days, now-called Central Harlem was occupied by a local tribe called Manhattans. In the late 18th century, Central Harlem developed rapidly as compared to other areas of Manhattan. There was an economic upsurge here after the American Civil War. The neighborhood served as a refuge for Italian and Jewish coming from north.

During the ‘Job Depression’ of the 1930s, Harlem suffered major job losses. Unemployment reached 25% in Manhattan at that time. After World War II, Harlem faced a series of rent strikes led by local activist Jesse Gray. The purpose of these strikes was to force landlords to increase the living standard of the neighborhood.

Many Harlemites who escaped from poverty left the city in search of better and safer residents. And those who continued living here were the poorest and least skilled. Model Cities Program spent $100 million on the development of Central Harlem but the city showed no progress.

During the 1920s and 1930s, West and Central Harlem remained the focus of Harlem Renaissance. New York’s revival in 20th century caused a notable change in Harlem’s atmosphere.


The population of the city is 116,345 and its density is 32,000/km2 (83,000/sq mi). Asian population constitutes 4.1% population of Harlem, 53% Black, 14.9% White, and 24.7% Hispanic.  

Buildings – Flat or Tall?

Whether you are looking for newly-built high-rises or historic townhouses, Central Harlem is a way to go. A two-bedroom apartment will cost you $2,700 here.  

What’s here?

Restaurants and cafes are in plenty here including 67 Orange Street, Amy Ruth's, B2 Harlem Seafood Restaurant, Babbalucci Italian Kitchen & Wood Burning Oven, Black Culinary Association and Blvd Bistro Crafted American Soul.

If you are interested in history head towards 369th Regiment Armory - The Harlem Armory, Renaissance Ballroom and Casino, The Gay Harlem Renaissance and Mount Morris Ascension Presbyterian Church. Central Harlem is a great choice for short trips as many great hotels like Aloft Harlem, International Cozy Inn, and Villa 121 - An Uptown Manhattan Private Guest House are located here.

Central Harlem separates the two Boroughs of New York, the Bronx and the Harlem River. There are 5 bridges between the Bronx and Harlem River