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Brooklyn Heights

Brooklyn Heights

Brooklyn Heights

Brooklyn Heights is a prosperous area located in Brooklyn, New York City. It is surrounded by the Brooklyn–Queens Expressway from the west, Cadman Plaza West from the east, Old Fulton Street from the north and Atlantic Avenue from the south. Considered as one of the most well-preserved areas in Brooklyn, the streets of Brooklyn Heights are lined with beautiful architectural styles.

Joggers and walkers can enjoy the scenic views of Manhattan skyline from the neighborhood. Brooklyn Heights came into the existence in 1834 and its old name was Brooklyn Village. The area is best known for its brownstone rowhouses and low-rise houses.


According to the stats of 2010, the population of Brooklyn Heights was 20,256 with a density of 63,000/sq mi (24,000/km2). More than 70% of the residents here are White with a fraction of Asian, Hispanic, and Black.

Adjacent Neighborhoods

Boerum Hill, DUMBO, Columbia Street Waterfront, Fulton Ferry, Cobble Hill, and Downtown Brooklyn.

Buildings – Flat or Tall?

Being the first neighborhood to be designated by the Landmark Preservation Law, Brooklyn Heights is a historic place to live in. High-rises are few and far between as the neighborhood is occupied with low-rise and brownstone rowhouses.


The Dutch settled the neighborhood initially in 1645. The Cornell Mansion of Brooklyn Heights was also used as headquarter in the reign of George Washington. The area became a working town when Robert Fulton invented a steamboat which carried workers from Manhattan to the shores of Brooklyn Heights.

During the mid-20th century, the northwest corner of the neighbor destroyed due to the construction of the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway. However, at the same time, NY master builder Robert Moses replaced the damaged rowhouses with new luxurious high-rises. Brooklyn Bridge Park which was completed in 2018, attracted many New Yorkers here.

What’s here?

Also known as America’s first suburb, Brooklyn Heights was home to many notable people like Capote, W.E.B. Du Bois, Norman Mailer, Arthur Miller, and Walt Whitman. If you want to dig deep in neighborhood history, plan a long stay at ‘Brooklyn Historical Society’. You will find an excellent collection of clothes at Tango.

If you like to have a massage, visit the nearby Seasons BodyWork Montague. On Pierrepont Street, you will find a wonderful collection of handicrafts and housewares at the Brooklyn Women’s Exchange. Honestly speaking, the best thing to do here is just wandering. The real charm of the neighborhood is in its tree-lined streets and centuries-old rowhouses.

For a light meal or snack, visit Perelandra and don’t forget to order smoothie or juice. To enjoy Middle Eastern food, book your place at Tutt Café. Breakfast lovers can go to Tazza where you can enjoy egg sandwich and a bowl of the hearty oatmeal for breakfast.

The Brooklyn Bridge Park hosts a movie event named ‘The Syfy Movies’ which runs all summer. And don’t forget to take part in The Atlantic Antic street fair which attracts thousands of visitors to the streets of Brooklyn Heights. The event takes place in September every year.