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77 Apartments for RENT in BRONX



Considered a relatively affordable borough compared to the other New York boroughs, the average monthly cost of living in the Bronx (excluding rent) is about $2,200. While the Bronx is very safe in comparison to other large cities, the area can be a little uneven depending on which neighborhood you're in. Mass transit is widely used in the Bronx, buses and subway lines are a plenty and many Bronx residents also drive (street parking is plentiful!).

Today, the neighborhood is considered the second-smallest and second-least populated of New York's boroughs (although it still has 1.4 million people in total). Neighborhoods in the Bronx range form affluent suburban to gritty and rough. However, there's something here for everyone, such as the Yankee Stadium the Bronx Zoo, the New York Botanical Garden, etc. Those looking to rent their new home in the Bronx should make sure to do their homework on each neighborhood to fully understand what living environment they'll be moving into!

industrial, quiet, commercial, historic, grass & trees, suburban, transitional, scenic, diverse

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The Bronx is the second-smallest and second-least populated of New York's boroughs (though it still has over 1.4 million people). However, it's also 25 percent open space, which means that its populated areas are quite densely populated. The Bronx's neighborhoods range from affluent and suburban (Riverdale, Fieldstone, Spuyten Duyvil) to gritty and rough (including the fifth-poorest Congressional district in America), and everything in between. Among its many other contributions to art and culture the Bronx is regarded to be the original home of hip-hop music.

Schools: Manhattan College, College of Mount Saint Vincent, Lehman College, Monroe College
Major Landmarks: Yankee Stadium, Bronx Zoo, Woodlawn Cemetary, Van Cortlandt Park, New York Botanical Garden,

Mass transit is widely used in the Bronx. The Bronx is well-served by multiple subway and bus lines.

Driving in the Bronx is common, and street parking is more plentiful (and it's helpful to get across the open areas!). Car/bus traffic enters the Bronx from Manhattan chiefly via the Henry Hudson Bridge, the Broadway Bridge and the Alexander Hamilton Bridge. Car/bus traffic enters from Queens via the Robert F. Kennedy Bridge, the Bronx-Whitestone Bridge and the Throgs Neck Bridge and from Suffolk County (east of Queens).

Cost of Living
New York generally is one of the most expensive places in the US. Based on the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics Consumer Expenditure Survey for 2011-12, New Yorkers spent on average over $600 per month on food (about $250 of which was outside the home), just under $2,000 per month on housing and some $670 per month on transportation (including over $90 per month on public transit).

The Bronx is relatively cheaper than the other New York boroughs. According to one source the average monthly cost of living in the Bronx (excluding rent) is about $2,200, with $300 spent on food and drink, $270 on transportation (excluding public transportation) and about $900 spent on house and home (excluding rent and mortgage) and shopping.

New York generally is very safe by comparison to other large cities, though the Bronx is a bit uneven. In 2011 New York had the lowest crime rate among the US's 25 largest cities according to the FBI Uniform Crime Report. You should check out crime statistics for individual neighborhoods, as Bronx's neighborhoods vary and there are certain neighborhoods that are definitely transitional.