Why Tenants Should Establish Good Relationships With The Landlord

By: ROS Team

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The importance of the tenant landlord relationship cannot be underestimated. One can’t afford to neglect the relationship at any time, but given the unique circumstances and hardships we’ve seen due to COVID 19, the relationship between landlord and tenant has become more important than ever.

The Importance of the Landlord and Tenant Relationship

A good landlord tenant relationship is a win-win for both parties.  Tenants stand to benefit from the relationship long after they’ve moved out of the rental property in the form of positive references for future housing. Few words weigh heavier when you’re looking for a new apartment than the words of a former landlord with whom you interacted for sometimes years at a time.

Besides providing a good reference for a future apartment, there are other benefits to having a great landlord tenant relationship. A landlord who has good interactions with a tenant is more likely to prioritize that tenant’s maintenance requests.

Importance of the Landlord and Tenant Relationship

Plus, some landlords are less bothered by minor lease violations from tenants with whom they have a good relationship. Not to say that failing to cultivate a good rapport with a landlord will automatically mean lousy customer service, but tenants who don’t have a good relationship run the risk of being a lower priority on a landlord’s already long list of things to do.

 If you have to quit the property for some reason before the lease term ends, or circumstances become necessary that you have to sublet your apartment, you may find that the process is smoother if you have taken the time to establish a good relationship with the landlord.

Benefits for Landlords

There’s often more focus on the benefits a good landlord tenant relationship has for the tenant, but the landlord stands to benefit as well. Having good tenant relations can directly influence your occupancy rates and turnover costs. A strong relationship with your tenants will make for long term tenants. Even if a tenant has to vacate their apartment, they will likely recommend the property to equally good tenants based solely on their relationship with the landlord.

Property safety remains a major concern for landlords. If you as the landlord can build a good relationship with your tenants, they are likely to take better care of the rental property than someone with whom you haven’t established a good relationship.

Tips for Building a Great Landlord Tenant Relationship

  • Pay Rent On Time

Tenants should always pay their rent on time. If the rent is going to be late, it’s a good practice to let your landlord know in advance that you’ll be paying late.  You may even mention when you will be able to make the payment. Consistently making late rent payments is one of the quickest ways to sour a tenant landlord relationship.

  • Property Upkeep

Everyone benefits from a well kept, clean apartment. A landlord will appreciate a tenant more if he or she goes the extra mile to maintain the property as if it were their own. This may translate to cleaning your apartment regularly and keeping it clutter free.

  • Report Maintenance Needs Immediately

People often ignore small maintenance issues until they’ve grown into much bigger ones.  Since landlords cannot enter into their tenant’s property on a whim, they may not know about issues until the tenant informs them. Help yourself and the landlord by reporting maintenance issues timely, preferably when you first notice them.

reporting maintenance issues

  • Provide Tenant Referrals

Empty rental units hurt landlords’ bottom lines. As a tenant, there are two ways you can help landlords when this happens. One way is to offer your unit as a model to show to prospective tenants. Second, if you know someone who is looking for a rental property, you can recommend the tenant to the landlord. Being cooperative this way could earn you favor with the landlord.

  • Communication is Key

Communication is key to any healthy relationship, be it a friendship or a landlord tenant relationship. If you’re facing financial challenges that could impact your ability to meet your responsibilities as a tenant, it may make it more comfortable to share your issues with your landlord if you’ve invested the time into building a good tenant landlord relationship with him or her beforehand.


  • Respect the Lease Terms

Abiding by the lease terms is another way to build a good landlord tenant relationship. For example, if the lease term states that the property can only be used for residential purposes, the tenant can respect the agreement by not running a business out of the home. Tenants who respect the terms in their lease agreements are likely to enjoy good tenant landlord relationships.

  • Be a Good Neighbor

Some landlords live in their rental property before renting it to tenants. While occupying the space, it’s not uncommon for them to establish a relationship with the neighbors. No one likes having a bad neighbor, so do your best to make living on the property a pleasant experience for everyone. If someone asks you to turn down your music or refrain from playing it while they’re sleeping, be kind and respect their request or negotiate a mutually beneficial arrangement in which the landlord doesn’t have to get involved.

Final Thoughts

Having a good landlord tenant relationship can make your tenancy experience great. The effort you will put into building a positive tenant landlord relationship will undoubtedly pay dividends.