Pros and Cons of Living in Loft Apartments?

By: ROS Team

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You often see ‘Lofts for rental’ or ‘Loft apartments for sale listings on real estate websites or in a property ads. But have you ever wondered what is Loft? If not, this guide will clear your mind.

What Are Lofts?

Just like condos, studios, and penthouses, Lofts fall in the bracket of property type. A living space with no interior walls, high ceilings, and wide internal space is called a Loft. Lofts came into the picture when large commercial buildings were converted into residential places.

These attics are often found in industrial areas and are less common in residential communities. Originally, Lofts were used in commercial shops and industries and served as a storage place with vertical stairs leading to the upper story. But the modern-day real estate has merged the concept with family apartments.

If you are planning to live in Lofts for the rest of your life, here are some pros and cons you need to know before you sign the dotted line.

Loft Apartment – Pros


The obvious advantage of Lofts is that these apartments offer wide spaces and with no ceilings, there is plenty of room to adjust your goods. People who are tired of living in congested rentals will love these apartments. The ceilings are 10’ to 15’ high which makes Lofts larger than life and their flexibility awards more room for work and play.


Trendy Style

Everybody wants their living space to be stylish and the Lofts add a trendy look to your house with exposed bricks and rustic style. With their industrial type architecture, you would love the internal appearance of these high roofs.


Family apartments are generally fixed spaces with boundaries defined but that’s not the case with Lofts. You can mold your living space with flex walls, curtains, and even a furniture set-up. And with no walls, you can easily showcase your design style to the neighbors.

Natural Light

With vaulted ceilings come huge windows and natural light comes throughout the daylight making your lodge brightening and freshening.

Natural Light

More Decorating Space

With high ceilings, there is plenty you can do to decorate the loft. If you are good at styling and artwork, Lofts are an ideal place to showcase your skills.

Loft Apartment – Cons

No Traditional Storage

With Lofts, you won’t have the perk of kitchen cabinets and bedroom closets. And you need custom-built storage or trunks to adjust your goods and chattels. Living in a loft requires you to be creative so you can adjust your assets.

Fewer Amenities

In lofts, there is no or minimal space for desirable amenities like a fitness room, roof decks, storeroom, etc… You can customize it but you need to shell out to build a club room in a loft.

Higher Utility Bills

Huge windows and upper story mean more heat and more coldness. So, the heating and cooling costs go on the higher side. If you want to replace the outdated windows or to make the apartment energy-efficient, you still need to break the bank.

Minimal Privacy

Lofts won’t be a good choice if you are going to share them with roommates. With no internal walls, there is no or minimal privacy. But, for newly married couples, this is not an issue.

Noisy and Smelly

Wider space comes up with more noise and smell. A hush in one corner can create a mess in the bedroom and a whiff in the kitchen can make the loft area malodorous.

Should I move to a Loft?

If you are looking for a wide, open, and unique space that stands out among the neighboring apartments, Lofts is the perfect match for you. They are also benignant for those looking to escape meager studios.

On the flip side, if you love a cozy and convenient place, and enjoy swimming and gym, lofts aren’t for you.

Now you have learned nuts and bolts about Loft apartments – and if you fall in the category of lofts-lovers –it’s time to hunt for the best loft place. For the one in question, go with NY RENT OWN SELL which has thousands of lofts listings, and their mammoth real estate network in New York will filter down the dream loft apartment for you.

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