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In today’s hectic and fast-paced world, having a gym membership can be the only thing that drives you to exercise and stay in shape. There is no doubt that regular exercise improves your body while also sharpening your mind and intellect.

Working out at the gym also has other health benefits. It helps you lose weight and stay healthy, but it also has other health benefits. Exercising regularly increases cardiovascular fitness, lowers blood pressure, blood fat levels, and reduces belly fat. Thus, the significance of physical fitness can be likened to the advantages of joining a gym, as this is a sure path to a healthy body and mind. Sounds great, right?

Best Gyms In Financial District NYC

  1. Lifetime Fitness
  2. Equinox
  3. Completebody
  4. Planet Fitness
  5. Retro Fitness
  6. Crossfit
  7. Just Train
  8. Church Street Boxing
  9. Dog Pound Gym
  10. Crunch Fitness Gym
  11. Blink Fitness
  12. Oculus
  13. Asphalt Green


Lifetime Fitness Center recently opened a 12,000 square-foot facility in the Financial District outpost located at One West Street. The gym company negotiated a long term lease for space in the Ocean, a premium apartment complex owned by the Moinian Group. This fitness center is already open to residents of the Ocean building with plans to open to the public later.  Despite the fear of the pandemic, Lifetime wants to expand its New York City portfolio. Membership is just $205 per month.

Lifetime Fitness GYM

Founded: 1989

Classes & Clinics: Fitness Floor, Child Center, Spa and Café


Member Quote: “Lifetime is a fantastic partner, providing a high-end amenity to our valued residents. We warmly welcome Lifetime to Ocean at One West Street and look forward to collaborating in the future.” – Joseph Moinian, CEO of Moinian


This urban haven can be found in the historic Bunker Hill area. Warm walnut wood tones, glossy white glass walls and ceilings, and rich plum accents complement group fitness studios, sprawling cardio and strength floors, and a serene yoga studio. Equinox Wall Street is more than just a training destination–the club features a significant hot plunge with whirlpool jets and an infrared sauna by HigherDOSE. For $250 per month, you can enjoy all the amenities this gym offers.

Classes & Clinics: Yoga Studio, Spa, Hot Plunge Pool, Dry Sauna, Cycling Studio


Member Quote: “The best gym… I recommend [it] to everyone of all ages and fitness journeys. He was very active throughout my high school and college careers through sports and CrossFit.  I  decided to join due to my proximity and offer such diverse and intense classes, which I love! The quality of the trainers and coaches is on another level. I never get bored, and it’s such a nice and clean gym.” – Melanie R.


A 30,000 square feet fitness center, CompleteBody was initially created for Goldman Sachs and featured a My Ride-designed Spin studio. When CompleteBody took over the gym, they exceeded expectations by providing world-class personal trainers to assist members to reach their fitness objectives. The gym offers CBXT’s hallmark HIIT courses for a total body workout. CompleteBody also features its trademark juice bar with a full selection of smoothies and snacks. This location’s services were curated with its Wall Street clientele in mind. The membership fee is just $150 per month.

Classes & Clinics: Unlimited Fitness Classes, Online Classes, Saunas, Space Rentals, Yoga, Spin Studio, CBXT


Member Quote: “It’s a fantastic health fitness club. Despite COVID, the staff has done an excellent job applying NYS guidelines. I’m delighted to be a member. It’s clean, [there’s a] huge selection of fitness equipment, and a friendly atmosphere. I highly recommend CompleteBody – Financial District.” – Jose P.


Planet Fitness is a rapidly expanding fitness center. Planet Fitness aims to improve people’s lives by delivering a high-quality exercise experience in a welcoming, non-intimidating setting called the Judgement Free Zone. A high percentage of Planet Fitness locations are owned and operated by small business owners. For just $30 per month, you can enjoy all its amenities with the PF Black Card. You can also choose between two membership plans: the No Commitment plan for only $20/month, or the Classic plan, which is just $15 per month.

Planet Fitness GYM

Classes & Clinics: Massage Chairs


Member Quote: “The MATERIAL Fitness Center at the Inverness, FL location is awesome.” – Gary of Gainesville, FL


Retro Fitness is a gym that’s dedicated to developing a solid community inside the club’s four walls. Memberships start at $30 for Flex CC.  Individuals can also purchase the Core CC membership for $45 or the Ultimate 15 Enrollment CC  for $50, which includes towels, tanning sessions, and fitness classes.

Classes & Clinics: Chiropractors, Smoothie Bar


Member Quote: “Outstanding General Manager Carol and her professional staff of Alex and Nate go above and beyond to keep the customers satisfied.” – Tyrone M.


The first CrossFit training facility in NYC was CrossFit Wall Street. The CrossFit program is part cardio, part calisthenics, and part power-elevation, and strives for continuously varied, high-intensity functional movement. CrossFit Wall Street offers small group classes for beginners and seasoned CrossFit athletes in Manhattan’s financial area.   Memberships start at $250 per month and include towel service, tanning sessions, and fitness classes.

CrossFit GYM

Classes & Clinics: Chiropractors, Smoothie Bar


Member Quote: “This gym is exceptional because of the focused but fun community of members.  The coaches are brilliant and prepared to elaborate on fitness philosophy if you’re curious.  Everyone is friendly, but nobody will let you sink into your comfort zone when you don’t feel like it.” – Sean L.


Just Train aims to help people reach their fitness goals. It is a private training boutique gym that’s operated for almost 13 years. The facility offers a variety of training equipment and offers customized personal training programs for $300. You can also enjoy master training for $200, tandem training for $150, private training for $130, and consultation for only $100.

Classes & Clinics: Varies by Location


Member Quote: “Each session is one hour, but it’s the fastest hour I’ve ever spent at a gym. The workouts are challenging, yet I liked the intimate environment — it’s just you, your trainer, and maybe two other people working out with their trainers at the same time. It’s laidback, and you get the sense of a real community. If I decide to work with a trainer again down the road, I will most probably be knocking on their door again.” – Elaine W.


Church Street Boxing was established in 1997.  The facility is New York’s largest combat club and boxing gym. Church Street Boxing strives to build a strong community that mixes the aspects of a real combat gym with a true sense of comradeship. It is independently operated and offers a mix of intensive workouts and instruction. Beginners are welcome, and advanced members have the option of participating in supervised sparring sessions. Membership is $250/month.

Classes & Clinics: Boxing, Sparring


Member Quote: “Attendees were all welcoming and friendly. The trainers Chris and Alex [are] both incredibly welcoming and helpful to the first-time person. The outdoor locations are excellent. And the pricing [is] amazing. I’ve already shared on my IG and have invited local friends to join.” – Daniel R.


Dog Pound Gym provides body metric assessments for benchmarking and nutritional programs. The creative team works closely with members to meet their fitness goals.  Sessions start at $300.

Dog Pound Gym

Classes & Clinics: Bike Parking, Gender Neutral Restrooms


Member Quote: “Just started working out with these guys and have had a great experience so far. Always flexible with times and have such great positive energy and motivation. I have [had] two awesome workouts getting my butt kicked by Kirk and Brey! I would recommend!” – Kristen C.


Crunch  Fitness Gym is located in NYC’s Financial District. This gym provides a variety of group fitness classes, top-rated equipment, and personal workouts every month. There are two membership plans available: One Crunch is $ 150 per month, and the All Crunch membership is $200 per month.

Classes & Clinics: Varies by Location


Member Quote: “Just wanted to give a quick review about Crunch Gym in FiDi. The facility is amazing! Very spacious, clean locker rooms, and most importantly, the staff is amiable. The following personal trainers’ Martin, Rich, Manny, Jordan, and LT, were all awesome.” – T.K.

By honoring the unique principle of mood above the muscle, Blink Fitness challenges conventional fitness center stereotypes. Blink encourages people of all body types to join and has fitness programs available for people at all fitness levels. You can join with a Gray membership, which costs $50 per month, or a Green membership at $45 per month.

Classes & Clinics: locker rooms, shower


Member Quote: “Nice place to [workout] when it’s not busy and you’ve finished doing the work you need to do there is a lot of downtimes. Management really cares about each of their employees.” – Andrea Kale


Oculus Fitness helps individuals achieve their fitness goals while creating a sense of community around a fitness-oriented lifestyle. It offers strength and high-intensity fitness training sessions. Full access to the gym and all its amenities is $300 per month. Oculus also offers a home workout program with its VR Fitness for just $50 per month. Should you choose to go with a lower-level plan, lockers and laundry facility access are available beginning at $30.

Classes & Clinics: training facility


Member Quote: “Owners/staff are awesome, great location, lots of equipment.” – Mark Simon


Asphalt Green is a non-profit organization, providing children and adults of New York City with high-quality sport, swimming, and fitness training and programs. The Asphalt Green provides a comprehensive selection of services for people of all ability levels, from beginner workout or novice swimmers to elite athletes who train for Ironman competitions. The monthly membership is only $80, or you can pay $250 for the year.

Classes & Clinics: cardio classes, cycling classes, group fitness training, personal training, circuit training, dance classes, interval training/HIIT, Pilates


Member Quote: ” Everyone has been super friendly and helpful! They’re constantly cleaning and there [are] never many people on each floor. Great place to work out!” – Jill D.

Did we miss any of your favorites? Is there another gym you want to add? Tell us in the comments.