Learn the Ropes: Tips For Writing a Notice to Vacate Rental Property

By: ROS Team

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Moving from one apartment to another is normal in a tenant’s life. Whether it’s for personal reasons or circumstances beyond your control. How a tenant leaves is almost as important as how he or she lived in the apartment.

Giving Advance Notice is a Courtesy:

Landlords need to know a tenant is planning not to renew their lease well in advance so they can make preparations to get the unit ready for a new tenant. It also gives them an opportunity to get their financial ducks in a row in the event your rent payments served as a source of income for them.

Giving Advance Notice is a Courtesy

Review the Terms of your Lease:

The timeframe by which you should provide notice to vacate is explicitly outlined in your lease terms. So read your lease so you know exactly how much notice is required and how you should provide notice to the property manager or landlord.

Keep a Record for Yourself:

If it’s not in writing, it never happened. Always get terms or rental agreements in writing and maintain copies of all documents pertaining to your lease, including a copy of your notice to vacate.

Keep a Record for Yourself

What if You do not Provide Advance Notice?

Although providing advance notice is considered a courtesy, it’s also real estate etiquette. Remember, your rental history follows you just like your credit history and the last thing you want to do is burn bridges with someone from whom you may need a reference later. Failure to properly notify may also cost you your security deposit.

What if you have to Leave in an Emergency?

Emergencies happen, and sometimes you won’t be able to provide the notice specified in your lease.

Discuss the situation with your landlord–most aren’t dead from the heart up and may waive any penalties associated with vacating the apartment without proper notice.

What if you have to Leave in an Emergency

Some General Tips for Writing your Notice to Vacate Letter:

Before writing a notification letter, carefully review the section of your lease pertaining to ending your lease and ensure all of the required elements are included in your letter.

Tips for Writing your Notice to Vacate Letter


Your notice to vacate may mark the end of your time at that apartment complex. But it doesn’t necessarily mark the end of your relationship with your landlord. Make every effort to leave in accordance with the terms of your lease so that he or she will vouch for you as a model tenant should you need their recommendation to rent in the future.