What is Tenant Reference Letter and How to Write it Effectively?

By: Abdullah Haroon

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The rental market remains highly competitive and you shall not leave any stone unturned to secure an apartment for yourself, you should have knowledge of everything related to the rental, whether it is the rental application process or tenant reference letter. In this background, the tenant reference letter has the potential to win a lottery for you. Step in the shoes of a landlord for a while, and you would welcome anything that could give you an insight into the tenant’s past.

Therefore, landlords and property managers consider reference letters as evidence to evaluate the potential tenant. In case you are writing it on someone’s behalf or you are applying for an apartment yourself, it is important to know how to ink down an impactful rental reference letter.

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What is Tenant Reference Letter?

A tenant reference letter is a document written by a previous or current landlord, property manager, supervisor, colleague, mentor, or roommate to a new potential landlord. In principle, it fortifies the tenants’ claim to be responsible, reliable, financially stable individuals. It shall make your case home stating that you have been a law-abiding tenant as well as pay rent timely and take good care of the rental property.

Who is a Potential Rental Reference?

Chances are that landlord is likely to receive several reference letters against the property and will come to conclusion after leafing through them. You need to figure out who to select and who to not, to make your case appealing.

potential rental reference

Consider a flowing list we made to help you out in bringing your ace card for the bet.

  • The best of the lot is you the previous landlord. Your previous landlord has complete insight into your life as a tenant and can vouch for your claim to be a good tenant.
  • In case you lived in a large apartment community, the property manager can pretty well rise to the occasion to speak some valuable words on your behalf. Property managers are as good as the previous landlord.
  • Supervisors are next in line. They precisely might not know about your tenant history but they stand true witness to your conduct and character and are suitable to speak for you.
  • If you are not comfortable reaching out to your boss, your colleagues may replace their place. Just make sure to ask those who know you well and agree with your codes of life.
  • Your friends or family members are the least favorable on this list. You shall avoid putting them as a reference until forced by the situation.

How to Write a Tenant Reference Letter Effectively:

The content of a tenant reference letter is likely to depend on who writes it. People who hold different authorities or designations are going to out words according to their dealing with you. For instance, the landlord is going to share your rental history and how you kept the rental property while the supervisor or colleagues is likely to discuss your conduct and character.

How to write a tenant reference letter

Consider the Following Tips when Writing a Letter:

  • If you are a landlord or property manager, jot down your rental experience and rental history. You may write a few words in favor like stability, cleanliness, and the condition in which they left the rental property. Mention how they lived up to their financial obligations. If the person you are writing has a bad credit history, this is going to compensate and help a great deal. If you are a friend, manager, or colleague, you can talk about how responsible they are in their conduct with others.
  • You need to consider your moral and legal limitations as well. If you are an employer, you are not supposed to disclose any personal information such as your employee’s salary. Instead, mention their financial stability. You shall give a glance at the company rules before writing.
  • Be truthful and genuine in your claim so you can provide evidence if needed.
  • Lie won’t help the tenant and ruin their chances of securing the deal. Even if you are writing about your friend, talk about those aspects of the personality which you are certain about and be ready to support your claims with evidence. You shall simply ignore those points you feel doubt about.
  • Biased opinion and emotional words do not make an effective reface letter. You shall keep them at bay certainly. You have to give a professional and impartial gesture to make it a good reference letter. Even if you have a negative opinion, you shall stick to the facts and state the truth rather than diving into the emotional pool.
  • Keep it structured and precise. Follow the prescribed layout for the letter to give it a professional outlook.

Few Extra Tips:

  • Try to get the reference letter before you start your campaign for renting.
  • If there is a shortage of time, furnish the contact information of people you aim to get a letter from.
  • Thrive to get a good reference letter to make your case outstanding.

reference letter

Sample Tenant Reference Letter From a Landlord or Property Manager

[Your name]

[Your phone number]

[Your email address] (optional)

[Your Current Address]

[City, State, Zip Code]

[Landlord’s Name Or Apartment Company’s Name] (optional)

[Landlord’s Address]  (optional)

[City, State, Zip Code]  (optional)

Re: Tenant reference letter for [person’s name]

To whom it may concern,

I have been writing to you to register my words for (person’s name) who is eying to apply for your rental property, to vouch for his/her credibility. I have known the person for the past (time frame).

I can confirm that (name) has stayed at (address) from [Date] to [Date]. In this course of time, the rent was paid timely. Besides, [he/she] remained as a law abiding tenant and observed all rules diligently. The property was kept in good condition. There was no compensation required, so we refunded the full deposited money. On top of it all, we never received a complaint from the neighbors about any misconduct.

I believe that (person’s name) is likely to behave well and act as a responsible tenant.


[Your Name]
[Your Signature]

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