The 10 Most Adorable no Fee Doorman Buildings in NYC

By: Abdullah Haroon September 14, 2020

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NYC is another name of luxury and class. When you dream to live in NYC, you have certain expectations from the city and rightfully so since now and then you see a glimpse of modern life.

However, living in NYC is not cheap. You get all the facilities against certain expenses which gets hard to manage some time. Staying in a building with a doorman is one such luxury. You will be having a lot of services rendered by the doorman but you got to pay for those services. To be honest, buildings with doorman have higher rents.

But that does not mean you shall abandon your dream of enjoying such luxuries. There are plenty of buildings which offer no-fee doorman services. We have not only compiled a list of some of the best no-fee doorman buildings but has also shed light on some of the associated aspects of having a doorman.

Post-Corona world:

As we have had the worst days of the pandemic but we have not still effectively bid farewell to it. If we observe the trends you would know that the current pandemic has expedited the already shift of business online. The trend is not only in vogue but analysts say it is going to last even in the post-COVID world.

It means that you are likely to follow the trend as well and that translates into more home deliveries and packages. In the wake of such circumstances, it makes all the sense and logic to find and stay in buildings where doorman services are offered.

What duties does the doorman perform?

Doorman is likely to perform the following duties:

  • Security
  • Assistance
  • Building issues
  • Emergency
  • Receiving and delivering packages

Doorman comes with a cost:

As they say, there is no such thing as a free lunch, it stands true in this case as well. Even though you are looking for a no-fee doorman building you would still require to spend some money on a doorman. That amount will be spent against tipping. To win over the heart of a doorman and to expect the best services for him, you will be required to give tip more often to the doorman.

One more aspect that goes against having a doorman is that your privacy is compromised.

Do you need even need to have a doorman?

Having a doorman is pure luxury and there is no denying of their importance. In today’s world, the business has gone online. Following the model, online shopping is the new norm. you will be having a lot of home delivery and package receiving.

A doorman is there to receive those shipments on your behalf and would save you from a lot of hustle.

One added benefit is of course security. In your absence, you would feel relax as you have got a watchman at your door.

No-fee doorman buildings in NYC:

  • 169 Manhattan Avenue:

It is a rental building in Manhattan valley. The asking rent in the neighborhood is $2300. Two and three-bedroom apartments are available.

  • 350 Lenox Avenue:

It is a building in Central Harlem. The rent ranges around $3000 in this neighborhood.

  • Avalon Riverview North:

The building is situated at Long Island City. It contains 1,2,3 bedroom studios. The rent bracket is quite wide as you can find an apartment starting from$ 2500 to nearly $4000.

apartment balconies

  • Avalon Fort Greene:

It is a rental building in Downtown Brooklyn. There are single, two, and three-bedroom apartments in the building. The asking rent starts at $2300.

  • The Brooklyn apartments:

It is a rental building in Downtown Brooklyn. The rent starts at $2000.

  • Ava DoBro:

It is situated in Willoughby Street, Brooklyn. The rent starts at $2100. One, two, and three-bedroom apartments are available.

  • 11 Waverly Place:

It is a rental building in Greenwich Village. There are single and two-bedroom apartments in the building. The rent starts at $2100.

  • The Octagon:

The building is located at Roosevelt Island. It offers studios of 1,2 and 3 bedrooms. The rent starts at $2300.

  • Susan’s Court:

The building is located in the Central Harlem which offers studios of 1,2, and 3 bedrooms. The asking rent is $2000.

  • 101 Bedford Avenue:

The building is located in the Williamsburg which offers studios of 1,2, and 3 bedrooms. The asking rent is $2000.

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The bottom line:

We have gone in detail about educating you on the perks of having a doorman service at your disposal. You will be having a fair idea of how important it is to have a doorman. We feel confident that the list of buildings we mentioned is likely to benefit you to get the allocation.

Have a wonderful experience over there.