Why you need a weekly cleaning schedule and how to make it?

By: Abdullah Haroon October 14, 2020

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Cleaning consumes time and energy which both are infinite quantity in our lives. We cannot afford to invest most of our time or energy as we need to invest them more in some productive activities. Therefore, keeping a proper schedule would make sure that the least time and energy are being exploited during the cleaning.

Let get to know why it is important to have a proper cleaning schedule and how to make it.

Why making a cleaning schedule is important?

  • No More Rush:

You would not have to run frantically if you have to welcome unexpected guests at your place and it would remain reasonably good all the time.

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  • Everyone would chip in:

Normally, one person in the family has to rise to the occasion every time but once you make a schedule and put it where everyone can see, everyone has to shoulder their responsibilities. Just assign the tasks in that schedule. And you may hold the person accountable for not doing it.

  • Stressless life:

When the house is not clean, it stays on your nerves and makes you your life stressed. If you follow the schedule well, you do not have to worry that something is left t be done.

  • Add Efficiency:

Discipline always adds efficiency in life. When you do not follow a proper routine, you tend to waste more time and achieve less. With a proper schedule, you would always know what you need to achieve and you would always manage that effortlessly.

  • Customized Schedule:

If you map out the plan beforehand, you can figure out who can do what task well? It means that you can tailor the schedule according to the strengths of each person of your family.

  • Say no to Procrastination:

The chief advantage of making a schedule is that you no longer procrastinate your tasks. It is not only good for your home but also adds character to your personality, as well.

Some general tips to make a schedule:

  • Divide your schedule as per the length:

Before getting into the paperwork, do some musing over how long you want to make a schedule? Would you keep it daily or would go for a monthly schedule. The best way is to make a weekly task and adding it up to a month for some tasks which need to be done on monthly basis. This way you may achieve the goals much easier.

  • Keep cleaning supplies ready:

Another prerequisite before making a schedule is to keep all your essential tools available and ready. Make a complete kit of cleaning supplies and check if everything is in enough quantity. If anything is missing or in low quantity, go and purchase it. It would increase the efficiency of your work as well as make your job effortless.

  • Make a list of tasks:

Then think of every essential task related to cleaning and make a list of it. This way, you would be able to customize it easily.

  • Determine the frequency weekly:

Once you have made the list of all tasks, determine how frequently you would do them. Some tasks are required to be done on daily basis such as washing the utensils in the kitchen or simple furniture dusting etc while some tasks you do weekly such as laundry. So get to know first what would be the frequency of each task.

  • Let family members shoulder the responsibilities:

If there is no schedule being followed in the house, some people end up doing more work than others. When you sit on to make a schedule, assign tasks to all family members. One pro tip is to assign tasks to each member according to their, strengths, weekends as well as schedules. It is likely to make the whole cleaning operation much easier.

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  • Keep a separate task for each day:

Instead of continuing one task to multiple-day, try to manage it in a single day and start a new day with a new task. It would make your work more organized

  • Get it in writing:

Some people do this mistake of making a schedule orally or on rough notes. Instead, get everything in writing and make a pristine and neat look. Mention each detail on the schedule and put it at a common place where every family member could watch it so let there be no excuses.

  • Follow it properly:

The schedule is only good if it is being followed. The common mistake people do it makes a schedule, out of an instant vibe, and follow for a couple of days and then oblivion if they even ever made any schedule. It ruins the purpose behind it.


You must try to manage it or at least try to come as close as you could. The idea is not to come hard upon oneself but to make keeps things floating so things become easier in the big picture.

A Weekly Cleaning Schedule:

Following is a sample weekly cleaning schedule you may tailor it to your needs and requirements. Monday

Keep Monday for the cleaning as you would have enjoyed your weekend well and it must be in a messy situation.

  • Vacuum all carpets
  • Wash bathroom
  • Clean floors
  • Clean common room, Stairs


Brace yourself up for some work as it is going to be a tough day for you. You need to do works that consume energy.

  • Clean master bathroom
  • Dust surfaces and clean glass door
  • Scrub toilets well.
  • Clean bathtubs
  • Disinfect all sinks and counters
  • Replace the towels.


Spend your Wednesday on dusting, cleaning, and scrubbing appliances, and furniture

  • Clean all chair
  • Furniture
  • Refrigerator
  • Microwave
  • Toaster
  • Tabletops
  • All screens and mirror
  • Window panes
  • Ceiling fans
  • Doorknobs


Spend your Thursday on disposing of wastes, decluttering, and organizing you home

  • Arrange guest room
  • See magazines, newspapers, etc
  • Dispose of leftovers
  • Gather all washable clothes
  • Organize your home and rearrange if you want to change any setting


Keep Friday for laundry. Bring all washable clothes to the laundry and then spend the evening ironing them and getting back on a hanger.

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You have spent a whole week doing all the tough tasks. The good news is that they are all done now and you just have to spend half an hour on basic dusting and arranging things. You have nothing left to do and may go on to enjoy the weekend.


It is an extension of your weekend plus you have already kept your cleaning commitments so take Sunday off as a token of appreciation to yourself.

The bottom line:

Follow the cleaning schedule and make your life easy. In addition to it, make a clear statement.