Best Tips To Keep Your Home Healthy And Clean

By: ROS Team

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2022 brought new dimensions before us. Earlier, spending a great deal of time at home was never in our plans. On the contrary, this year remained dedicated to the home. COVID-19 forced us to stay within the home until we have to deal with any emergency.

When you happen to spend so much time at home, you are likely to notice things that might not have come under your observation earlier. You would observe the cleaning conditions of your home and be more worried about how you would maintain healthy living conditions at home.

Let us explore and learn some of the best tips to keep your home clean and healthy.

Personal Cleaning Protocols:

One needs to take extra care in these days of the pandemic. When you visit outside, it is highly likely that you might end up a contracting virus and bring it home with you. So you need to follow these hygienic protocols.

  • When you step into the house, go and wash your hands. You may use any soap for that purpose but try and spend 20 seconds so there are no bacteria left behind on the skin.
  • If you cannot find water and soap at a certain place, keep a bottle of sanitizer in your pocket. It is quite handy and you may keep it even in your pocket. A few drops of it would be sufficient to get hands sanitized.
  • If possible, change the clothes you wore outside. Better to keep a dedicated suite for the outdoor activities and a separate for in-door.

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Best Cleaning Tips:

Execute the following practices in your home to keep the environment healthy:

  • It is the best practice if you disinfect the doorknobs, switches, chairs, counters, appliance handles, toilets, and kitchen sinks on daily basis. You may use a common soap for this purpose.
  • Clean and vacuum the carpets, rugs, and upholstery, once a week.
  • As for the floors, including rooms, bathroom, and kitchen, they must be cleaned on daily basis. Use a bleach mixture to clean floors. If there is wooden flooring, using a vinegar solution is better.
  • You will be using a lot of digital equipment such as TV, mobile, or computer. You need to disinfect them as well.

Note: Use gloves when you do any of the cleaning activities.

Keep Shoes at the Door:

Establish one rule in your home and that is to never bring your shoes inside your home. Keep them at the doorstep or use another pair of shoes indoors. You may imagine well that bringing the shoes you visited the market inside the bedroom floor might bring hundreds of unwanted guests with it apart from dirt. Contain these germs at the doorstep. It would not only keep you safe from the germs but would leave less cleaning for you.

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Cleaning Tips for Rooms:

Following are some of the best ways to keep your rooms including bedrooms, living room, and family room healthy:

  • As observed, the smoke alarm in every fourth home does not work. As a first step, install a smoke alarm in every room and keep them checking if working or not at regular intervals.
  • In addition to it, install carbon monoxide alarms as well.
  • Try never to allow someone to make smoke in the rooms.
  • Fill in the patches in walls and get broken corners to fix so insects do not find a place to hide.
  • Try not to leave anything on the floor such as toys, electrical cords, or clothes.
  • The kitchen is the hardest to keep clean from germs as it has a lot of remnants of food and unwashed utensils. So it would take a lot more energy. You must clean every surface. You may use disinfecting spray. Get the sponge to disinfect as well.
  • The best place to maximize your disinfection target is your laundry. Use the water during laundry to disinfect all clothes including bed linens, towels, rugs, and regular clothes.
  • Install an efficient air purifier system in the unit to remove airborne particles like bacteria, pollen, mold spores, and viruses. They have an additional feature of sanitization as well. It is equally important as the air indoors remains full of bacteria and viruses.

Everyday Checklist for Staying Healthy:

  • Keep toiletries and makeup in their place after use.
  • Put your clothes in the hamper.
  • Hang the clothes which remain in use such as coats and jeans
  • Wash and place everything in the kitchen in its right place.
  • If you have a habit of using the laptop on the bed, place it on its deck.
  • Put wet clothes and towels in the sun to dry.
  • Place books, and magazines on their dedicated shelves.
  • Make your bed every day
  • Wipe down the top surfaces of the kitchen after every meal.

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Unhealthy Conditions: Where the Problem Lies?

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), some of the most common unhealthy conditions are:

  • Most of the houses have a higher concentration of radon
  • Water leakage is also very common.
  • There have been structural problems in almost every sixth home.
  • Another common unhealthy condition is not having a working smoke alarm in almost every fourth house.



In the days of the pandemic, you must be feeling safe inside your home but would hardly realize that the germs and viruses in the air or floor can cause serious health issues as well. Most of the time, you feel quite confident that your home is clean and healthy but one visit to the market may bring new threats inside the house.

The point to learn here is that it is a constant struggle to keep the house clean. You would be required to exercise certain duties every day to keep it healthy. While the idea is not to exhaust all your energy in cleaning but practicing small things regularly would let you achieve your goal of keeping your home clean and healthy.