Apartment Furniture Cleaning Tips: Make A Clean Statement

By: ROS Team

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Your apartment reflects your lifestyle. It tells a lot about you. So, you would never want someone to have a negative opinion about you. No matter what you are going through, keeping your apartment clean and tidy would never allow someone to grow concerned about you.

In another scenario, we welcome a lot of people to our homes, be it relatives, friends, or could be our colleagues. You would always wish to make a good impression in front of them. One way to make sure is to keep your apartment clean. Your furniture is likely to be observed first.

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So we have brought some tips on how to keep your apartment furniture clean.

Rent a Storage Space:

One of the perks of living in a capitalist society is constant shopping. We end up shopping more than we require. Or we shop to update our lifestyle. It becomes crowded at one stage and most of the furniture is left in the store without proper care.

One better alternative is to rent a separate storage space for your extra furniture so that it can be kept with proper protection. You may adjust the future on a seasonal basis and only keep the furniture in the apartment according to the season. Apart from protection, it gives you more space in your apartment to entertain yourself.


Apart from shifting your furniture to a separate storage, one better alternative is to declutter. Do a general inspection of your home and make a list of furniture which is good for nothing. You have multiple options to deal with them.

  • Donate
  • Sell
  • Throw away

Donating comes on the top as someone might be in dire need of the same items you have and don’t need them. It would make someone’s wishes come true and what can be more satisfactory than it. Or you shall sell them and save some money. There are dedicated sites that offer the facility of selling old furniture. If you are not convinced with both options, then throwing them away may make things better at home as you would have to cater to less mess now.

Keep Furniture At Its Proper Place:

Instead of moving furniture here and there in your apartment, try to fix their place and place them over there. It not only adds life to them but also keeps their shine intact because moving furniture causes a risk of breakage since they happen to be heavy.

Hire a Professional:

You may handle most of the cleaning by yourself but hiring professionals to do the job is not a bad idea at all. It makes sense primarily due to its importance in your lifestyle. Clean and updated furniture adds character to your home and you would never trade it off just to save a few bucks.

You could have items from different categories at your home. Let us discuss them one by one.

Furniture with Leather Upholstery:

Leather makes a classic statement and never goes out of fashion. Chances are, you will behave one or the other variety of furniture with leather upholstery. You must be enjoying the soft touch of leather but keeping them clean is trouble most of the time. Because it requires much attention or they look equally bad.

First thing first, get to know the exact variety of leather you have at your home as they tend to vary a lot in texture. It would make your job much easier. Leather requires cleaning after equal intervals. You are supposed to vacuum them on monthly basis.

In addition to it, what you can do more is to clean it with a cloth or a sponge. Market if full of leather care products and you may buy them according to your budget. One tip here is to use a clean and soft piece of cloth.

Annually, you should consider doing conditioning to restore its elegance.

Note: If you have pets at your apartment, make an extra effort to keep them away from furniture with leather upholstery.

Furniture with Leather Upholstery:

Other than leather upholstery, you might have furniture with fabric coverings. You will not be able to detach the fabric from the furniture for separate washing. You need to follow the same routine for it as well and vacuum it every month.

Do not forget to vacuum in the corners and press portions. If the instruction won’t allow you to use water, then applying steam is a befitting alternative. In case the fabric does not allow you to use steam as some fabrics get ruined due to steam or water, then use the dry cleaning with a dry cloth. You may use a soft brush to remove the dust.


Furniture with wooden finishing might be as problematic as those discussed above but still, you need to take care of them properly. Especially, they lose their shine over time which gives a dim and rough look. Wooden furniture should be kept away from water and you cannot use water to clean them. Instead, use dedicated furniture polish to retain the initial look. You may do it annually.

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In the normal routine, use a dry cloth to do the dusting. When you seek to apply polish, first clean it with a dry cloth. In addition to polish, you may use furniture wax. They cover up the scratches and dents.

Final Words:

Keeping your furniture clean is a way to make a good impression on your acquaintances. By now, you must be having a fair idea of how to make them clean.

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