The Best Apartment Cleaning Services in NYC

By: ROS Team

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Cleaning some love it, others loathe it. But one thing’s for sure cleaning is a necessity when it’s time to move out of an apartment. Oftentimes property managers and landlords require a security deposit prior to move-in.

In some cases, you can get a portion (or even all) of the money back if the apartment is cleaned and in good condition when it’s inspected after you leave. Cleaning in any capacity is time and energy-consuming in any capacity. So why not hire professionals to do the dirty work for you?

It may cost you a few dollars, but it may definitely be worth the investment. We’ve compiled a shortlist of cleaning companies to consider when moving day is around the corner.

Genius Organ:

Apart from normal cleaning, decluttering is an equally important part of the moving process, especially if you’re prepping your place for resale. Genius Organ specializes in decluttering spaces for a reasonable price. Their services are customizable and packages usually total around $300.

BA Cleaning Services Etc.

BA Cleaning Services Etc. offers cleaning and organizing services. They offer standard and customizable service packages to suit your needs.

Benchmark Cleaning Service:

Benchmark Cleaning Service stepped on the scene approximately 15 years ago, and the owner personally makes sure all services are top-notch. Benchmark is licensed and insured and their cleaning products are environmentally and pet safe.

Clean Sweep Cleaning Company Inc.

Clean Sweep Cleaning Company Inc. is a 24-hour domestic and commercial cleaning service. You can get an initial in-person consultation and estimate prior to purchasing any service package.

Cleaning Exec:

Cleaning Exec has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine and the BBC. The company charges clients hourly rates for cleaning services. They also offer customizable cleaning packages that suit all of your cleaning needs, big or small.

Klean Freaks:

If you’re looking for low-cost cleaning, look no further than Klean Freaks. This company offers competitive cleaning packages no matter the size of the space.

Maid Sailors:

What sets this cleaning company apart is its laundry offering. They also offer a wide catalog of cleaning services at an hourly rate and use eco-friendly cleaning products.


MyClean is another high-caliber, reasonably priced NYC-based company. They have a team of trained professionals and utilize a 50-point checklist during every cleaning.


TaskRabbit is not merely a cleaning company, they also offer home repair services at an hourly rate.

When Considering a Cleaning Company:

  • Know exactly what you need cleaning;
  • Only consider cleaning companies that meet your needs and are within your budget
  • Compare the service offerings and price points of multiple companies
  • Read customer reviews


There are dozens of companies in NYC offering excellent cleaning offerings. Always do your homework before hiring any professional to come into your home.

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