What to Eat and Where to Eat in NYC?

By: Abdullah Haroon October 20, 2020

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Are you a new person in the city or fed up with having the same menu over days and now want to explore some new tastes.  Let us help you get to know some of the best dishes in town.

Put a disclaimer that it does not mean that city has no other spots of good food. On the contrary, the city is dotted with distinctive flavored dishes, and let this list be an impetus for you to explore new and many spots for NYC dishes.

  • Pizza:

Thanks to the Italian immigrants, New York got introduced to pizza and now cooks some of the finest pizza around the country. It has its flavor with a thin and floppy base, fresh with light mozzarella, and a classic marinara sauce. New Yorkers are very fond of Pizza and that is the main reason they take great interest in making the best pizza.

When it comes to the question of where to eat the best pizza? Well, at Roberta’s. It is located at 261 Moore St, NY 11206. Many celebrities and popular political figures have graced its hall. Or another better spot is Lombardi’s situated at 32 Spring Street, NY 10012. Together with Roberta’s, it offers the finest taste in pizza in NYC.

  • Bagels:

Bagels are the true specialty of NYC and you would never found better savors in Bagels than NYC’s. Making a perfect Bagel is a work of art.

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You may find the best bagels at Absolute Bagels which is located at 2788 Broadway, NY 10025. Not only you will have quality but also a variety. You may pick a bagel and add more cheese for extra bucks. Or if you want to have a taste from multiple places, go and grab a bagel at 500 Avenue of the Americas, NY 10011, Murray’s Bagels.

  • Hotdogs:

When in NYC, eat Hotdogs. It is almost like traditional food and no one can beat their skills at making it. Permit yourself to have as much as your stomach process.

Visit Crif Dogs for the New York’ best Hotdog and have a taste of your life. Take whatever flavor be it, sweet-and-salt, with a kick or Spicy Red Neck, you are going to love it. Additional flavors to choose from are avocado, sour cream, pineapple, and melted cheese. In addition to it, Nathan’s Famous is another worth visiting place to have a hotdog.

  • Doughnuts:

Along with hotdogs, what New Yorkers cannot resist is the Doughnuts. The legend is that the Dutch immigrants brought doughnuts to the city and since then, it has become a part of their lifestyle.

Have the best doughnut in NYC at Dun-Well Doughnuts which is situated at 222 Montrose Avenue, NY 11206. You may enjoy as much as 200 flavors in doughnuts here among which most popular are Raspberry Pistachio, Root Beer, and Mexican Chocolate.

If you want to add even more variety, pay a visit to Dominique Ansel Bakery. It might cost you a little more but the taste is worth a penny.

  • Burgers:

Burgers are the next big thing in NYC. Its history is quite rich and goes back to the eighteenth century. You may it in all ranges from cheap to most extravagant prices.

When it comes to burgers, Balthazar Restaurant is a must-visit place. It is prepared with a thick slab of melted cheese and served with fries. Do not let the cost factor come in and you will always admire your decision. Or if you care much about the prices, then you may have an equally good burger from Shake Shack at a much reasonable price.

  • Pastrami:

Pastrami in New York City is all about being New Yorker. Whether it is Pastrami on rye or bagel, you are likely to find it of the finest quality. And when there comes a name of quality, there is no one to match Katz’s Delicatessen. A Jewish family named Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal played a big role in the popularity of it in New York. Regardless of the popularity of their brand, they have never let their customers down when it comes to quality.

If you happen to be in NYC, then it is a highly recommended taste to have here.

  • Coffee:

For that sake, coffee happens to be the most favorite drink across the globe. You would hardly find a person who would not be a devotee of coffee. And it is like a traditional drink in NYC as well. There are no restrictions as long you crave a coffee in NYC but staring your tour, try to get your hands on the city’s best latte, Abraço in the East Village.

Coffee is not merely a drink it’s a vibe and a mood. You may have it wherever and whenever you feel like having it regardless of from here to buy.  New York would never let you down in your craving for coffee.

  • Meat with rice:

Meat with rice is another popular dish in NYC. It can get from sidewalk carts across the city. But if you are looking for the specialty, let The Halal Guys serve you. Apart from meat with rice, which makes them so popular is the additional sauces they provide such as famous white and hot sauces which makes them so special.

The Bottom line:

In the end, I would like to say, when in New York, eat as the New Yorkers do.