10 Best Places to Eat in Financial District NYC

By: ROS Team

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Located in Lower Manhattan, Financial District is one of the busiest places of New York in terms of business activities. The neighborhood in Manhattan is home to many New York financial institutions and it never gets the praise it deserves as a food destination. However, Financial District also known as FiDi has a couple of lunch spots and standby eateries which makes it a must-go place for foodies and is considered as one of the why it is one of the best places to live in New York City.

If you are in the southern tip of Manhattan, here are 10 good food options for you:

1. Crown Shy

Address: 70 Pine St, New York, NY 10005, United States

If you are looking for the best grilled chicken in the city, Crown Shy should be your first choice. This polished, new American restaurant with global influences inside a spacious room with high ceilings is the best thing that happened to FiDi. From Cinnamon Bun to churros and from Smoked Salmon to Short Rib Sandwich, Crown Shy offers a variety of meals at brunch, lunch, dinner, and dessert.

2. Racines

Address: 94 Chambers Street, New York, NY 10007

Racines is one of America’s best wine restaurants in 2019. Manhattan wine drinkers will be aware of this place. The restaurant offers a diverse dinner menu for your intimate reception, luncheon, and dinner. Whether you are looking for a private place to celebrate your anniversary or you want to host an office party, this famous wine place in the heart of the city is a perfect venue. Enjoy grilled leeks, Caraflex Cabbage, and Steak Tartare in this stunning and comfortable eatery.


3. Adrienne’s Pizzabar

Address: 54 Stone St, New York, NY — 10004

Adrienne’s Pizzabar is the best place to grab a pizza byte in FiDi. Opened in 2004 on Stone Street, Adrienne’s has been a cult favorite with locals as well as visitors who are relishing old-fashioned pies ever since. It offers Daisy, Maritime, Tuscany in dinner and baked dishes, salads, and sandwiches in the afternoon.

4. The Fulton

Address: 89 South Street, New York

Enjoy mouthwatering dishes made by much-admired chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten at the Fulton. The best dish in this restaurant is its location. It is located inside of a colossal development on the water in the Seaport. Take your friend, who loves seafood, here and enjoy the scenic view of Brooklyn Bridge while dining at the outdoor tables.

mouthwatering dishes

5. Seamore’s

Address: 250 Vesey St New York, NY 10281

f you are eyeing a cheaper dining option in FiDi, Seamore’s is your go-to place. You can get a soft beer from here as low as $4. Enjoy your summer vacations with Seamore’s beach vibes, cocktails, and fish shack favorites. With its delivery and pick-up service, Seamore’s offers fresh seafood at your doorstep anywhere in the neighborhood.

6. Westville

Address: 110 Wall St New York, NY 10005

Best place to eat vegetables in the Financial District, Westville is your go-to point to enjoy a fresh serving of market vegetables. From artichokes to asparagus, their menu includes a vast range of vegetables. Give your dinner a fresh opening with appetizers like avocado tacos, chicken tenders, and veggie chili, then enjoy roasted sweet potatoes to wind up your meal.


7. Augustine

Address: 5 Beekman St New York, NY

This French brasserie is a great option for a client lunch or a date. Augustine offers French food with an Austrian influence. It has great food (fresh oysters at the bar and soufflé); an outstanding wine list (champagne always served perfectly chilled), service is on point and the ambiance is magic.

8. Xi’an Famous Foods

Address: 8 Liberty Pl New York, NY 10038

This family-owned and operated food point is a great option for FiDi families. Its location attracts a lot of walkers and their Xi’an “burgers” add to their value and taste. Being a family-owned restaurant, Xi’an Famous Foods offers unique cuisine for the residents of Manhattan. This food chain was established in 2005 with no outside investors and their special items include Western Chinese dishes and cumin lamb.


9. Hole In The Wall

Address: 15 Cliff St, New York, NY 10038

Every New York has a great shop and ‘Hole In The Wall’ serves FiDi in this regard. This Aussie-owned spot is a good place for a quick bite in the morning. The food here tastes really good and their special items include turmeric lattes and beet-cured salmon. The menu isn’t large but they make up for it with quality, quantity, and flavor.

10. Manhatta

Address: 28 Liberty St 60th floor New York, NY 10005

Want to enjoy scenic views of Manhattan while you have you are having your dinner? If so, Manhattan must be your preferred dining place. The stunning views of the East River and the Manhattan Bridge add to the taste of this sixty floor up eatery. With the adorable team, unbelievably good atmosphere, and delicious food, Manhatta is probably the finest dining option in the Financial District.

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