Why You Should Live in NYC Financial District

By: ROS Team

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People usually think of business people, financial experts, bankers, and Wall Street when they hear a reference to New York City’s Financial District. Many would be surprised to learn that the Financial District is as calm on weekends as it is busy Monday through Friday.

There’s a lot to explore in the Financial District, which is also referred to as FiDi.  The neighborhood has so much to offer, from tourist attractions to quiet spaces.

1- Eye Catching Architecture

To the world, the Financial District is known for its impressive architecture. There’s no doubt as to why FiDi is one of the most visited tourist neighborhoods.  It is home to such iconic buildings as the New York Stock Exchange, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, and One World Trade Center.

The Financial District’s skyscrapers alone will have people in awe, especially if you are fortunate enough to view the FiDi skyline from a rooftop.

2- Surrounded by Nature

Don’t assume that the Financial District is a maze of only concrete buildings–FiDi has its fair share of natural beauty. Other than the impressive skyline, the district has pockets of green space.

The Financial District is located near the East River and offers a variety of fun nature activities. You can take a morning walk in one of the numerous parks, or spend an evening sitting at your favorite coffee shop with your friends.  If you’re interested in relocating to the Financial District, consider looking for an apartment near a park for its incredible views of the local greenery.

3- Waterfront Living

In addition to its incredible skyline and lush green parks, the Financial District offers waterfront property with breath-taking views of both the Hudson and East Rivers. That translates to pleasant temperatures and relaxing breezes.

There are also attractions where you can enjoy views of the water and landmarks like the Statue of Liberty.  Check out Pier 17 for a quiet place to watch the sunset along the water.

4- Shopping Hotspot

The Financial District serves as the headquarters for many famous clothing designers. Visit Board Street for shopping at Fulton Center or pay a visit to Brookfield Place for an exciting shopping experience.

5- Safety

No city is crime-free, but some are certainly safer than others. The Financial District is safer than most other parts of New York City, which offers residents and visitors greater peace of mind.

6- Luxury

The Financial District is home to many of NYC’s wealthier residents. That becomes evident from viewing some of the apartment buildings and shops in the neighborhood.

7- Rich History

NYC has many historical buildings, and FiDi is home to historical landmarks like Trinity Church and St. Paul’s Cathedral. City Hall and the famous Battery Maritime Hall are other places to visit.

The Downside of Living in the Financial District

Having said all that, the Financial District isn’t without its flaws. One major drawback is the cost of living. NYC is expensive, and the Financial District is one of the most expensive neighborhoods in NYC.

Also, the Financial District is more of a business and commercial hub and less of an entertainment locale. You won’t find many clubs and cafes in the Financial District. Along those lines, establishments located in the Financial District are not open 24 hours a day.  Many shops and restaurants in the neighborhood close early, which might not be ideal for night owls.


If you enjoy shopping and exploring architecture, the Financial District is ideal. It is a beautiful blend of old and new architectural designs. From skyscrapers to green space, FiDi has something for everyone.

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