How to Find an Apartment in New York City Without a Broker

By: ROS Team

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If you’re relocating to New York City and intend to find an apartment on your own, you should be aware that there are numerous tools available to assist you.

In fact, if you have a basic understanding of what neighborhoods you love and what style of building you prefer, it is simple to find a nice location without the assistance of a broker.

Here’s how you may find an apartment in NYC without using a broker:

Do Your Research

Doing the required research is the first step in finding an apartment. The best way to do this is by looking at the following websites: StreetEasy and Zillow (for rentals), Trulia (for rentals), NYROS, and Craigslist.

Do Your Research Apartment
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These websites contain a wealth of information about neighborhoods and their surroundings. You can use these resources to identify what’s available within your budget. As well as compare prices between neighborhoods and apartments themselves.

The next step is figuring out which neighborhood fits your lifestyle or needs best. Are you looking for something close-in? Once again–do your research!

Focus On Neighborhoods That Are Near Employment, Schooling, And Other Services

The finest neighborhoods in New York City to hunt for an apartment are those that are close to work, education, and other amenities.

If you’re going to work downtown, it’s critical to select an apartment close to your workplace. So you can get there fast without having to take public transportation or drive.

You’ll also want your neighborhood to have grocery stores, pharmacies, and hospitals nearby so that if something goes wrong with one of these items in your apartment (like a leaky faucet), then you won’t have as far on foot or by subway/bus ride away from them as possible.

Look for “No Fee” Listings

You can also look for “no fee” listings. These are apartments that the landlord is offering for free, but there are some catches. Usually, a no-fee apartment will be in an older building with fewer amenities and less space than what you’d expect in a newer building. It may also be located farther from work or school than you prefer and have fewer transportation options nearby.

If this sounds like your ideal situation, then go ahead and apply!

No matter what type of apartment you’re looking for – newly renovated or old-school charm–you should always ask about fees before signing any leases or rental agreements so that all parties know what they’re getting into from Day 1!

Utilize Social Media and Networking

Social media and networking are two great ways to find an apartment in New York City without a broker. You can connect with people who reside in the location you wish to move to by using Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Ask them if they know of any vacant apartments or if they have any suggestions about how you might be able to discover one on your own.

Utilize Social Media and Networking
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Consider Subletting

If you’re looking for an apartment in New York City, subletting is a terrific way to find one without using a broker. This option requires you to vacate the apartment when your lease expires and look for a new tenant.

If you choose this route:

  • Make sure that all parties involved understand what they are getting into before signing any paperwork! A lot can go wrong here, so be sure that everyone knows exactly what’s going on and how much time they have before moving out or being evicted (if applicable).
  • Check out Craigslist periodically for listings from people looking for roommates who may be interested in subletting their place instead of finding someone new altogether; this could save both parties money on broker fees!

Attend Open Houses

Attending open houses in New York City is the greatest way to find an apartment without using a broker. Open houses are held by real estate brokers who want to show you their listings so that you might rent from them.

Attend Open Houses
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These events are typically held on weekends and continue all day, making them excellent opportunities to learn about what’s available in various neighborhoods throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn (and other NYC neighborhoods).

If you attend enough open houses, it will be obvious which buildings have nicer amenities like gyms and pools – and which ones don’t have those things at all!

You’ll also learn about how much apartments cost within each building’s range. This information can help guide your search when looking at individual units later on down the road!

Be Prepared to Act Quickly

If you’re looking for an apartment in New York City, you’ll need to act soon. The rental market moves swiftly since there are so many individuals looking for apartments and not enough available rentals on the market.

If you locate an apartment that looks decent and fulfills your requirements, don’t wait – apply right away!


If you’re looking for a place to live in New York City, it may appear that there are none available. There are plenty of methods to find a place without paying broker fees. If you do your research, utilize social media and networking to your advantage, and keep an eye out for “no fee” listings.

With so many options available, there’s no reason why anyone can’t find his/her dream apartment without paying extra $$$$ to the brokers.

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