The 6 Best Ways To Find Open Houses Near You

By: ROS Team

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No one would disagree if we called the modern time a digital era. The internet has already infiltrated nearly every sphere of our lives. This digitization that we’re experiencing is welcoming as it simplifies things and makes some tasks more convenient, but it also has limitations.

The real estate world has also become highly digitized. You can now search for a home from the comfort of your living room by merely scrolling down a Google page. However, while shopping for homes online, you are not likely to get a real-time view of the house.

1- What is Open House
2- Everyone Allowed to Visit
3- Pros of Going to an Open House
4- Cons of Going to an Open House
5- How to Find Local Open Houses

Once you walk into the house physically, you get to experience the typical noise in the surrounding area, how much sunlight seeps through the windows, or the condition of the house, be it good or bad. By attending an open house, you get to see things closely.

What is an Open House?

An open house provides potential buyers the opportunity to visit a house that’s available for sale without having to make prior appointments with a real estate agent or broker. Sellers, in consultation with their agent, establish an open house schedule for a set date and time frame. Most of the time open houses are held on weekends and the owners are not in attendance. The agent attends the open house on the seller’s behalf.

For first-time buyers, local open houses are a golden opportunity to get familiar with the market in a self-sufficient way.

Is Everyone Allowed to Visit?

Well, that’s what the intentions are of the seller. Anyone may visit the open house, alone or with family. While you may ask your agent to come with you, it is not necessary to have an agent before visiting an open house.

It is an especially good opportunity to visit the open house with your family since you would be spending the majority of your time with them in home.

everyone allowed to visit my house

Pros and Cons of Going to an Open House


The idea of the open house is similar to window shopping: you can browse for hours without being pressured to buy. When you visit an open house, you may get to see the house closely without the pressure to buy it. You may also visit the open house without an appointment and you may bring anybody with you. No one pushes you to move quickly–you can take your time while observing the features of the house.


Since the open house is scheduled by the seller and real estate agent, they might have worked to cover up defects so they aren’t obvious. In addition, other potential buyers will be visiting the open house as well which means higher competition.

Although open houses are usually scheduled on weekends, you don’t want to waste all of your time visiting open houses, as it does consume a significant amount of time.

How to Find Local Open Houses

Consider the following options for locating open houses near you:

1- Visit Real Estate Websites

Real estate websites are the best options to shop for a house. You can find all kinds of property there. You may even learn about nearby open houses by applying filters during your website search. Consider adjusting filters to search by location and date of upcoming open house events.

If you have marked your calendar to visit an open house, make sure you confirm that the event is still taking place before visiting as open houses sometimes get canceled, especially if they come under contract before the scheduled date.

2- Visit the Neighborhood

To visit a local open house, take some time to stroll through the neighborhood where the open house is located. The purpose of doing this is twofold: you’re able to see if there are any other open houses (they’re usually decorated with a sign and balloons). You’re able to get a feel for the surrounding neighborhood.

3- Ask your Real Estate Agent

If you have already hired an agent, ask them if they know of any open houses that are going on in the area where you’re interested in moving or if they have any tips on how to find open houses. Chances are they will be able to answer both questions.

4- Social Media Apps

Besides real estate websites, social media apps are another effective tool for finding local open houses. Sellers and/or agents often advertise open house events on social media to attract the maximum amount of people to the open house so they can sell it quickly.

5- Check the Local Newspaper

Social media has become the primary way of advertising, but don’t underestimate the power of print media. Many brokerages still use this method to spread the word about scheduled open houses. So you should grab a copy of the local newspaper for possible listing.

6- Visit Local Real Estate Offices

You’re not obligated to have an agent by your side when you visit the open house. So, knowing that, if you have not hired an agent so far. You can find an open house by visiting local real estate offices.

You should visit the offices in the location where you intend to buy the property and ask if there are any open house events scheduled.


The chief purpose behind having an open house is to attract a large number of potential buyers so that the property can sell quickly. The house is opened at a specific date and time so buyers can walk through the house and look at its features. An open house is different from a home showing as the latter is held privately.

Before visiting an open house, make a list of questions that you’d like answered. Most likely the seller’s agent will be there to answer your concerns. Write down the pros and cons of every house you visit in an open house. So you can compare them later on as you decide on the house you plan to buy.