The 9 Best Sites to Find Apartments in NYC

By: Abdullah Haroon August 15, 2020

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Renting in NYC is not easy. You have to walk through a rigorous process before you could step into a house of your desire. It is not merely physically exhausting but it asks for money to follow the process. You will be hiring a broker or expert to assist you in the process and have to pay their fee in return.

If you can allocate a certain amount of time and have the courage to dig deep by yourself, then you could find an apartment pretty easy sitting at the front of your computer. There are different websites that provide different features to overall ranges.

The following are the best ways to find an apartment in NYC along with their chief features to make it easy for you to select any.

1- Online Community:

No matter how many new platforms pops-up in the market, the online community still one of the best options. It is a way easier to find a home through personal connections.

You are likely to hear from someone directly or through someone you know if you exercise it. It has been observed that people get to find their dream homes through an online community. Do not hesitate to explore the avenue.

Different social media platforms have a different model of interaction, therefore, caters to a unique audience. It is way better to use all the available options to find a home. Your close circle would get to know that you are looking for a home and hopefully they would like to chip in their roles.

2- NY Rent Own Sell:

NY Rent Own Sell is one of the most sought sites based in NYC. They have been extremely good when it comes to providing residents a quality in terms of environment and services. Though they work in the whole of the city they carry loads of experience working in the Financial District, NYC.

NY Rent Own Sell specializes in finding a home tailored to your requirements. You may walk into their office or visit their website and tell them what exactly you are looking for. They would channel their resources to your demand and would come up with multiple options to comfort you in your choice.

You may find both rental and purchase apartments or may outsource any of your requirements related to the real estate in NYC.

3- Flip:

It works in a style that exhibits those options where tenants are getting out of their leases be it subletting or transfer. Though it allows brokers as well to show listings on terms that apartments must have no additional fees beyond the rent price, and brokers can only post one unit at a time.

The site also makes sure that no bogus entry is made and if there happened to be any scam, payment will be refunded. It works on minor details such as price, duration of the lease, and building amenities as well as authentic reasons for leaving the home and their honest feedback, be it good or bad.

4- Naked Apartments:

It also offers the feature of no fee and “low-fee” apartments. They offer 60% no-fee listings for which can be found by applying the filter “no fee”. You may also use other filters such as “low fee”. The site shows listings from all five boroughs but the majorly deals in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

One major flaw here is that it allows duplicate listings it means one unit could be listed by different brokers. But the good thing is you can choose which broker to contact.

5- StreetEasy:

It is a well known real estate platform in New York City for both sales and rentals. You could also find a “no-fee only” search filter on the site as well as subscribe for the notifications if something new hits that market that fits your criteria.

It only shows verified listings that can be provided by agents, brokerages, owners, management companies, or developers.

6- Craigslist:

It is good for finding an apartment in the outer boroughs. You can narrow down your research by exploring different options such as “by-owner apartments,” as well as “no broker fee”. You can further explore according to your preferences, for example, by searching for units with a washer/dryer and places where pets are allowed.

It also offers the map which is especially useful if you’re looking in a specific neighborhood and give you a sense of an apartment’s actual location.

7- Nooklyn:

The site is equally good for finding rentals as well as roommates. Though you can find apartments from all boroughs they specialize in Brooklyn. You are not likely to find many options there but whatever you find will be as good as any with excellent photos and lots of information.

8- Zumper:

It offers the unique feature of filling out an application. You can also apply when you feel like an apartment. It operates as a real estate brokerage but also offers many no-fee apartments. Zumper vets all landlord and broker listings for accuracy and verifies each unit. They charge brokers a fee for listing which avoids duplication.

9- Corcoran:

It is especially known for expensive apartments and helpful for those with a large budget. For their services, they charge a pretty high broker fee as well.

If you are convinced you can afford it, you must give them a chance.

The Bottom Line:

In a competitive city like NYC, you are likely to find as many options as you can approach. But reaching out to some of the best service providers in NYC real estate should be the goal. The moment you approached the right platform, consider half of the work done.