How to Enhance Your Property Listings for Maximum Exposure

By: ROS Team

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With the internet being filled with thousands of listings, it is important to get your real estate noticed in the crowd.

When created strategically, a real estate listing gets maximum exposure.

Below are the tips you can imply to boost exposure for your listing. No real estate agent or professional is required!

Use Your Personal Network:

You can start with people you are familiar with.

After all, everyone is a prospective customer in real estate. All you need to go through your contacts. You can call them or meet for coffee to talk about your listing. Maybe they know some other buyer if they can’t buy your house. Try to center the discussion on real estate (that’s what you meet them for). Ask them if they are planning to move.

The more people you interact with for your listing, the great chances you have to find the right buyer.

Work Over Your Listings:

Have you done your Listing Right?

A cluttered and confusing listing can turn off your potential buyers. You need to work over the information provided in your listing to make it impressive as well as stand out. Here’s how…

  • Create an accurate description of your property. If the house is barely 500 square feet, claiming that the space is “spanning” is immoral. Using the term “excellent condition” for a wrecked house won’t work. Describe your property as it is. Or it is better if you remove the flaws before listing.
  • Be wary of adjectives. Using too many adjectives can make the readers assume that you’re trying to cover up the reality. For example, instead of writing like this…

“This beautiful and nearly perfect abode will mesmerize you with its stunning interior finishes”

You can write something like this…

“It’s not easy to list all the indoor and outdoor features of this beautiful house. Schedule a visit today to see everything firsthand.”

  • Avoid using the words like “TLC”, “Fixer”, “Cosmetic” unless you’ve flipped a home. These words can make readers assume that there is a lot of space for negotiation.
  • Include words that can add value, such as, “luxurious”, “landscaped” and “flawless”. Again, these adjectives should be used only when your property has actually those features.
  • Highlight unique features like “a fireplace in the master bedroom”, “an original stained glass window at entryway” and “Jacuzzi tub in a bathroom.”


Use Attractive Photos of Your Property:

The images of your property are a vital part of the listing.

Attractive photos evoke a customer’s interest in your property. While a smartphone can take a nice pic of your house, you can opt for professional photography for more appealing photographs. Or it can be done with a decent camera. You can explore the Internet to get familiar with some “know-how” of property photography.

Here are Some Basic Tips to Get Started…

  • Before taking photographs, make sure to keep your home clean by clearing out distracting items like books and toys. You can add a vase of fresh flowers to enhance the spaces.
  • Shot in natural lighting as possible. This can be done by opening the curtains and turning all the lights to make a room look brighter and more spacious. AVOID taking photos on an overcast day, rainy day, or at night.
  • Choose the best angles such as a corner or doorway. The exterior images should let the buyers see the home’s depth.
  • Use photo editing tools to remove imperfections such as darkness or when it requires cropping the photos.
  • Aerial photography and video walk throughs will take your listing to the next level.


Choose the Right Listing Platforms:

Once you are ready with your description and photos, it is time to choose the right listing platform like NY Rent Own Sell where you can upload them for maximum exposure.

Take it To Social Media:

Social media is another efficient way to advertise your property listing.

Facebook is an important tool as it has the target audience for any given listing. Plus, it comes with an efficient business feature that lets you publish listing related updates, content, book appointments, and communicate and curate reviews on a single platform. Instagram is another popular SM platform to get your listings noticed.

Set the Price Range Strategically:

Many listing sites let you select the price range of your property from minimum to maximum. In this scenario, the price range should be chosen carefully.

For example, you have priced your home for $ 249,900, meaning that it would only appear in the searches for $ 200,000 to $ 250,000. If anyone set the price range between $250,000 and $300,000, your home would not appear in the searches.

The smart choice will be to list exactly at $250,000 as then your home’s listing would appear in both price ranges of $200,000-$250,000 and $250,000-$300,000.

These tips would help you create a listing that would get maximum exposure. Please let us know your take on these tips by commenting below.

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