Here are Top 5 Rental Apartments in Queens, NY

By: Abdullah Haroon June 21, 2020

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Queens is the largest and second most-dense borough of New York City. Diversity is the hallmark of the Queens borough and you are likely to witness cross-culture to the best. Ethnically, Queens is the most diverse area in the world.

You get to know people from all over the world as well as find tasty cosines of different cultures. If you have family or want to raise children, Queens offers the best of the experience.

The economy of the Queens borough is second largest and most diversified of all the boroughs of NYC. Job opportunities are evenly spread across departments such as health care, manufacturing, construction, film and television production.

The Queens borough is situated on the west section of Long Island as well as includes a few smaller islands. These islands exhibit the most prominent public beaches in Queens.

To assist you in the search of top rental apartments, we have prepared a list of top 5 from the lot. Give a glance over that.

1. Long Island City, #2201

An apartment with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms has a rent of $5600. This is your best bet to live the luxury life of the Queens borough. The apartment has a floor of hardwood. The large size of the windows makes way for the organic sunlight to brighten the whole space and lets you witness the most scenic views from the comfort of your room. The apartment is spacious enough to accommodate all your belongings.

Long Island City 2201

The kitchen area meticulously furnished with the marble tops and stainless steel appliances to make your cooking experience as smooth as possible. The amenities for the building includes 24-Hour doorman, 24-hour concierge, cycling studio, laundry room,  movement studio, screening room, concierge fitness center, tenant lounge, year-round Pool, billiards table, massage room, roof deck, and children’s playroom.

These added benefits are going to facilitate your living in the Queens borough to let you experience the best time of your life.

2. Long Island City, #2219

The rent for this 3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms  apartment is $5,525. The best feature of the apartment is the view outside from the balcony. Sunlight brightens the apartment to give a touch of organic life in the very heartthrob of the borough.

Long Island City 2219

The kitchen is fully furnished with the finest appliances and has a countertop of granite.The spaces like this do not stay vacated for too long. The ample living space makes it a comfortable lifestyle. Amenities include Laundry -24 hour doorman -Concierge -Lounge -Gym -Rooftop deck -Valet Services.

3. Long Island City, #2301

The 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms apartment are asking for $4,895. The apartment has finished to perfection. The high roofs give it a theatrical outlook. The expansive panoramic view of the Queens borough is worth every penny.

The kitchen is spacious enough to facilitate the best cooking session. Bedrooms and common area have a large storing capacity. It is likely to give you an unparalleled experience.

Long Island City 2301

Amenities are dishwasher, marble bath, elevator, health club, pool, laundry, doorman, laundry and valet.

4. Long Island City, #317

Long Island City- #317, the rent for the apartment is $4,720. A mere walk in the balcony will convince you that you have made the best investment. A stunning and picturesque view from your balcony is just icing on the cake as the whole apartment is worked out to artistic precision.

High ceiling, life-size windows and woodwork floor makes it a unique habitat for a family. You are likely to witness some of the best cross-culture lifestyles from the comfort of your balcony.

Long Island City 317

The king-size master room gives you an expensive experience. You are never going to run out space as the walk-in cupboards are installed.  Amenities are 24-Hour doorman, valet, package room, live-in super open kitchen, sundeck landscaped terrace, high ceiling laundry room, bicycle storage, elevator, WiFi, and ATM in the building.

5. Long Island City, #1919

This 2 bedrooms 2 bathroom apartment asking for rent of $4,500. To witness the life at Long Island City and to observe the diverse culture of Queens, you are just at the right place.  Lovely two-bedroom/two-bathroom apartment home features open views and an oversized balcony to a mesmerizing surrounding.

The spacious kitchen is furnished with all cooking appliances and with counter-tops of granite. The storing space is more than enough in this cozy and luxurious apartment. Amenities include Laundry -24 hour doorman -Concierge -Lounge -Gym -Rooftop deck -Valet Services, doorman, elevator, health club, subway, and roof deck.

Long Island City 1919

NY Rent Own Sell:

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The final word:

Living in New York City is luxurious and expensive. However, you get to experience the best of modern civilization. Sky scrapper buildings are exuberantly dotted with natural beauty. Queens exhibit the typical NYC lifestyle as good as any other borough.

The apartments listed above are some of the finest spaces to live in the borough. If you set your foot once in these apartments, we vouch that you would not regret your decision.