10 Best Denver Suburbs for Families

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Raising a family in the Mile High City? Denver offers a vibrant lifestyle, but choosing the right suburban haven can be tough. Look no further! This guide dives into the best Denver suburbs for families, considering everything from top-rated schools and close-knit communities to parks and outdoor adventures.

Best Suburbs of Denver for Families

1. Superior

Superior, a cozy Denver suburb nestled between Boulder and Denver, with a population of 13,094, shines as the top choice for families. Its roots trace back to coal mining, its name honoring the excellent coal quality here.

With a remarkable 98.1% high school or higher education rate, Superior prioritizes education. Plus, being near institutions like the University of Colorado at Boulder and Naropa University in Boulder ensures ample opportunities for higher education.

2. Holly Hills

Holly Hills, a charming Denver suburb, is another top pick for families. With a population of 2,683 and a median household income of $88,213, it’s a real gem. Voted No. 1 neighborhood in all of Colorado by Niche three years straight, it’s a winner!

Families love it here for the excellent schools from K-12 and the nearby undergraduate and grad schools. Plus, getting around is a breeze with easy access to light rail and downtown. Being in the Cherry Creek School District is just the cherry on top!

3. Louisville

Louisville­ started as a mining town back in 1877 near Denve­r. Now, it has around 20,560 people living there­. The town offers 1,700 acres of ope­n spaces, lots of good restaurants, a lively arts sce­ne, great schools, cozy neighborhoods, and many job options.

In a re­cent survey, a large numbe­r of people (78%) said that Louisville is an “excelle­nt” place to live. The he­art of the town beats on Historic Main Stree­t. It has over 100 businesses, art galleries, and places to eat. All the­se places have a frie­ndly, hometown feel.

4. Cherry Creek

Number four on our list, Cherry Cre­ek is a great place for familie­s. It is just three miles from downtown De­nver. The town has 11,157 people­ and has both famous luxury shops and fun local stores and places to eat.

Che­rry Creek has some of the­ best schools in the state. It is ne­ar the city and also the pretty mountains. Pe­ople love going to the Che­rry Creek Shopping Cente­r as it has the most luxury stores for shopping in the whole­ Rocky Mountain area.

5. Centennial

With 108,418 residents, Centennial is a suburb celebrated for its superior living conditions. The area is well-known for having safe streets, high standards of living, and plenty of entertainment options. The city has earned a reputation at both local and national levels due to these features.

Centennial, Denver
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Stacker ranked it at number six out of ten best places to live in Colorado. Families enjoy visiting Centennial Center Park where children have fun playing at the playground, cooling down around water attractions, and adults relaxing in the shaded picnic areas.

6. Erie

Nestled in Colorado’s Front Range, Erie charms families and young pros alike with its stunning vistas, endless sunshine, and heaps of outdoor fun. With a population of 33,104, this suburb boasts top-notch amenities like the 63,000 square foot Erie Community Center and the 20,000 square foot Erie Community Library.

Plus, there’s the convenience of the Erie Municipal Airport and easy access to Interstate 70, Denver International Airport, and all of Colorado’s Front Range. Whether it’s hitting the trails, teeing off at the championship golf course, or soaking up the sunshine, Erie offers a vibrant lifestyle for all.

7. Greenwood Village

Greenwood Village, a suburb snugly nestled in Arapahoe County, just south of Denver, boasts a population of 15,365. It’s a vibrant mix of city vibes and cozy neighborhoods, with acclaimed business parks adding to its charm. Families thrive here, with a median household income of $129,035 and an impressive count of 31 parks for outdoor fun and relaxation.

8. Littleton

Littleton, with a population of 44,755, stands out as one of the best suburbs for families near Denver. Its 878-acre South Platte Park and Carson Nature Center ranks among the largest suburban parks in the U.S. Families can enjoy a variety of activities in Littleton, including theater, nightlife, breweries, golf, fishing, and exploring the endless trail system.

Littleton, Denver
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With a median household income of $62,683, it offers a comfortable lifestyle. Additionally, its convenient location allows for easy day trips to the Rockies and Downtown Denver, making it an ideal spot for families seeking both nature and city adventures.

9. Broomfield

Broomfield is a planned community that mixes homes and businesses nicely. It has lots of open areas like parks and natural spots. There are 63 parks in total! Around 76,121 people call Broomfield home. Schools here are top-notch, with cool teaching methods. Kids of Broomfield go to schools in Boulder Valley, Adams 12, or Weld County districts.

Broomfield, Denver
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10. Castle Rock

Nestled in the heart of Colorado, Castle Rock wraps up our list of the Best Denver Suburbs for Families. The suburb has a population of 80,191 residents. With over 50 miles of trails meandering through its picturesque landscape and 55 planned parks, outdoor adventures are always just around the corner. Residents also enjoy a distinctive shopping spree at the Outlets at Castle Rock.

Castle Rock, Denver
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Not just scenic, Castle Rock is a bustling municipality with approximately 600 full-time employees dedicated to ensuring the safety and well-being of its citizens, providing essential services like police, fire, emergency medical, parks, recreation, roads, and water.

The town’s commitment to safety is evident, as it climbed to the sixth spot in the SafeWise annual Safest Cities report, making it a cherished haven for families seeking peace of mind in Colorado.

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