10 Best Dallas Suburbs For Families

By: ROS Team

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Raising a family in the Dallas area offers a vibrant mix of opportunity and community. But with so many suburbs to choose from, finding the perfect fit can feel overwhelming. This blog explores the best suburbs of Dallas for families, considering factors like schools, safety, amenities, and overall atmosphere.

Best Suburbs of Dallas for Families

1. Coppell

Coppell, Dallas
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If you’re looking for a safe and secure place to raise a family near Dallas, Coppell is a great choice. This friendly community of around 42,000 people offers an exceptional education system, with all elementary schools in the Coppell Independent School District receiving the highest rating of “exemplary.”

Niche even ranked Coppell the number one suburb with the best public schools in the Dallas-Fort Worth area in 2023!  Safety is a major plus too, with crime rates well below the national average. The area’s economy benefits from its location near DFW Airport, making Coppell a desirable spot for families seeking a great place to live.

2. Murphy

Murphy, situated in a prime area in Collin County, boasts a population of 21,013 and it is another of the best Dallas suburb for growing families. Here, people enjoy easy access to shopping, top-notch schools, fun community events, and lovely parks and trails.

Crime rates in Murphy are impressively 68% lower than the national average, making it a safe place to live. Plus, a whopping 91.8% of Murphy residents have finished high school, highlighting the town’s commitment to education.

3. Colleyville

Colleyville, a prosperous suburb near Dallas/Fort Worth, boasts an average household income of $180,698 in 2021. It’s home to 12 renowned parks and green spaces, offering residents ample opportunities for outdoor recreation.

With 96.9% of its population having completed high school, education is highly valued in the community. Despite its affluent status, Colleyville maintains impressively low crime rates, which are 79% lower than the national average. With a population of 25,850, Colleyville offers a safe and affluent environment for its residents to thrive.

4. Fairview

Fairview ranked fourth among the best Dallas suburbs for families, is home to around 10,851 people. It’s known for its wide-open spaces, horse farms, good schools, rolling hills, lush forests, pretty creeks, and a big shopping area called Fairview Town Center. Almost everyone here finishes high school, with a rate of 98.8%. Fairview is also really safe, with crime rates 71% lower than the national average.

5. Allen

Allen, Dallas
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Allen, a northern suburb in the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex, is next on our list of Dallas suburbs for families. Situated about 30 minutes north of downtown Dallas, Allen is nationally recognized for its exciting new developments, excellent education system, and innovative projects.

With crime rates 39% lower than the national average, it’s a safe place to live. The population of Allen is 111,551, and the median household income is $112,603. Plus, an impressive 93.3% of people in Allen have completed high school.

6. Frisco

Frisco, Dallas
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Frisco, a city with a population of 219,587, boasts one of Texas’ lowest property tax rates at $0.4466. It offers 1,600 acres of parkland and 90 miles of hike & bike trails for outdoor enthusiasts.

With a median household income of $116,884, Frisco shows a high educational attainment, with 94.6% of residents completing high school and over 63% of adults holding a Bachelor’s Degree or higher. Moreover, its crime rates are 38% lower than the national average, making it an attractive and safe place to live for families.

7. University Park

University Park
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University Park, situated about five miles north of downtown Dallas, Texas, is home to around 25,032 people. With a median household income reaching $198,438 and a low poverty rate of 4.2%, it showcases prosperity.

Crime rates here are notably 41% lower than the national average, ensuring a safe environment. Notably, it houses Southern Methodist University and the George W Bush Presidential Center.

Recognized for its charming homes, scenic parks, and abundance of churches, University Park is a picturesque community of families. Moreover, an impressive 87% of residents aged 25 and above hold college or advanced degrees, reflecting its emphasis on education.

8. McKinney

McKinney, sitting at number eight on our list, is just 30 miles up from downtown Dallas. With a population of 214,810, it’s one of the fastest-growing cities in America. The median household income here is $113,286.

When it comes to education, 94.8% of the population has a high school diploma, while 52.2% have a bachelor’s degree. McKinney boasts crime rates that are 50% lower than the national average, making it another top spot for families.

9. Prosper

Prosper is a lovely place, perfect for families, with a cozy vibe and lots of green spaces. Around 37,746 people live here, and most residents have finished high school, which is awesome. And get this—more than half of them have even earned a bachelor’s degree! That’s pretty impressive, right?

Plus, Prosper is super safe, with crime rates much lower than the national average. And if you’ve got kids, you’ll be glad to know that Prosper Independent School District has over 22,000 students enrolled.

10. Flower Mound

Flower Mound
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Flower Mound, found in North Texas near Dallas-Fort Worth, wraps up our list of the best suburbs of Dallas for families. With its cozy small-town vibe, it’s perfect for those seeking a close-knit community. Over 81,000 people call it home, and a big chunk has bachelor’s degrees or higher.

Just like all the other suburbs mentioned above, the education level is excellent here as well, with around 28 colleges nearby. Safety’s a priority too, with crime rates much lower than the country’s average. Plus, over 1,400 businesses thrive in Flower Mound, making it a bustling spot for work and play.

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