12 Best Places to Live in Denver

By: ROS Team

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Are you relocating to Denver and wondering about the best place to stay in Denver? Well, you have done the first thing right – navigating to this guide. In this article, we will discover 12 best places to live in Denver.

Best Places To Live Near Denver

1) Cherry Creek

With a population of 11,389, Cherry Creek is the best place to stay in Denver. The neighborhood is famous for its fancy shopping, dining, and vibrant art scene.

Cherry Creek, Denver
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It’s a place where you’ll find sleek condos and charming historic homes, making it just right for city lovers.

Young families flock here, aiming to secure top-notch education for their children. The median home value is $701,000, and an impressive 37% of its residents hold a Bachelor’s degree.

2) Highlands

The Highlands, a popular Denver neighborhood with around 57,000 residents, ranks as the second best place to live in the city.

Highlands, Denver
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Comprising neighborhoods like LoHi and Berkeley, it’s known for its trendy vibe. The average price per square foot for a home in Highlands is $518.

This lively area boasts a thriving arts scene, numerous dining options, and access to beautiful parks, offering a mix of urban excitement and suburban calm. It has become a magnet for young singles and families, with the median age of Highland neighborhoods resting at 32.9 years old.

3) Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill in Denver is another excellent place to call home, with a population of 15,849 and a median rent of $1,244.

Capitol Hill, Denver
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This neighborhood is renowned for its Victorian architecture and a vibrant, diverse community.

Visitors and residents alike can enjoy a rich cultural scene, thanks to attractions like the Denver Art Museum and the Molly Brown House Museum. The median household income in Capitol Hill stands at $63,496, making it a desirable place for a wide range of individuals and families.

4) Washington Park

Washington Park is a haven of safety for both families and professionals. With a population of 7,292, this charming neighborhood exudes a pe­aceful atmosphere.

Washington Park, Denver
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Familie­s can find joy in the above-average­ public schools available here, making it an e­xceptional choice.

What’s more re­markable is that 85% of the reside­nts proudly own their homes, fostering a strong se­nse of community. Moreover, Washington Park itself stands as an iconic symbol of beauty and tranquility with its vast green space­s and exquisite homes.

5) Stapleton

Central Park, pre­viously known as Stapleton, has earned its re­putation as one of Denver’s most de­sirable places to reside­. In 2020, the community made a strategic de­cision to rename itself Ce­ntral Park.

Boasting a population of 30,000 residents, it proudly holds the title­ as Denver’s largest re­sidential neighborhood. Architecturally spe­aking, Central Park offers an enticing ble­nd of diverse styles that range­ from cutting-edge modern de­signs to timeless traditional aesthe­tics.

Within its expansive borders lie­ 1,100 square miles of open space­s where reside­nts can freely immerse­ themselves in nature­’s embrace. Moreove­r, Stapleton provides its residents with 1,100 square miles of open space and easy access to the nearby Bluff Lake Nature Center.

6) Lower Downtown

Lower Downtown, or LoDo, Denver has a population of approximately 21,145. This vibrant neighborhood boasts nearly 100 restaurants, clubs, galleries, shops, and hospitality businesses, making it a prime destination for both locals and tourists.

Lower Downtown, Denver
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Its historic charm is evident through the presence of some of the finest late nineteenth and early twentieth-century commercial buildings in the American West. LoDo is also a hotspot for young professionals, drawn to its lively atmosphere and career opportunities.

7) Uptown

Uptown, Denver, nestled between Park Avenue and Colfax Avenue, is often considered the best place to live in Denver. It’s the perfect spot for outdoor enthusiasts with miles of jogging and biking paths. Offering stunning panoramic views of over 120 miles of snow-capped peaks.

Plus, Uptown’s 17th Avenue is home to most of the neighborhood’s hottest eateries, bars, and shops, making it a hub of local culture and entertainment.

8) Baker

Baker has a population of 6,824 and offers an urban-suburban mix. The median household income here is $96,647, making it an attractive option. With 43% of its residents holding a bachelor’s degree, Baker provides a creative and artistic atmosphere.

This centrally situated neighborhood boasts a hip, bohemian vibe, with its historic homes, art galleries, and a thriving music scene. It is an excellent choice for those seeking a dynamic and culturally rich community.

9) Park Hill

Park Hill, one of Denver’s oldest neighborhoods, boasts tree-lined streets, single family homes, and garden apartments. With a population of 26,422, it showcases a variety of architectural styles and is renowned for its lovely parks and thriving local businesses.

Just a 10-minute drive from Downtown, the Cherry Creek Mall Shopping District, and numerous retail stores, restaurants, and hotels along Colorado Boulevard. Park Hill offers a peaceful residential atmosphere and easy access to city amenities.

10) Green Valley Ranch

Green Valley Ranch ranks as the 10th best place to live in the city, with a population of 42,142.

Green Valley Ranch, Denver
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This family-friendly suburb, situated close to Denver International Airport, boasts a 2023 median sale price of $519,016. The community predominantly consists of relatively newer homes from the early 2000s, making it one of the more affordable housing options in the area.

11) Cherry Hills Village

The penultimate city on our list of best places to live near Denver is Cherry Hills Village, Denver, has a population of 6,426. The median home value here is $2,000,001, with a median rent of $2,191.

It’s ranked number 2 by Niche in the list of Places with the Best Public Schools in Colorado. Cherry Hills Village is one of Denver’s most upscale suburbs, known for its large estates, golf courses, and an overall sense of exclusivity.

12) Lakewood

Lakewood, Denver, with a population of 155,984, is a western suburb known for affordable and diverse housing. Its economy is diverse, with the government being the largest employer.

Lakewood, Denver
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Lakewood boasts several colleges and universities, like Colorado Christian University, Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design, Red Rocks Community College, and the Colorado School of Trades. With friendly neighborhoods and excellent public schools, Lakewood is an ideal place to raise a family.

Best Places to Live in Denver: Final Thoughts

Denver, Colorado, offers an array of neighborhoods and suburbs, each with its unique character and lifestyle. These 12 best places to live in Denver offer a glimpse into the city’s diverse options, making it easier for you to find the perfect community to call home.