Can You Be A Real Estate Agent Part Time?

By: ROS Team

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Have you ever dreamed of a career in real estate, but the thought of leaving your current job seems daunting? You’re not alone! This blog post will explore the exciting possibility of becoming a part time real estate agent. We’ll delve into the requirements, flexibility, and challenges of this unique career path, helping you decide if it’s the right fit for your goals and lifestyle.

Is Real Estate a Good Part Time Job?

Real estate can be a good part-time job for some, offering flexibility and potentially high income. However, it requires strong time management and hustle to balance with your main job, and success isn’t guaranteed. Consider your schedule, personality, and if you’re okay with an inconsistent income stream.

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Part Time Real Estate Agent – Pros & Cons


  • Flexibility: Set your own schedule (mostly). While client needs can be demanding, you have more control over your hours compared to a traditional job.
  • Extra Income: Supplement your current income. Part-timers average $24,566 per year for under 20 hours weekly, which can be a significant boost.
  • Low Barrier to Entry: Become licensed in most states with pre-licensing courses and an exam.


  • Inconsistent Income: Commissions depend on deals closed, leading to income fluctuations.
  • Time Commitment: Even part-time requires evenings, weekends, and constant availability for showings and client needs.
  • Competition: Success hinges on hustle and marketing against full-time agents who may have more resources.

Questions to Ask Before You Do Real Estate Part Time

Is there a Time Commitment I can Realistically Handle?

Real estate requires flexibility. Be prepared to work evenings, weekends, and holidays to accommodate client schedules. Analyze your current obligations and see if you can manage the additional workload.

Am I Comfortable with the Financial Investment?

There are upfront costs like licensing, training, and ongoing fees. You likely won’t see a return for several months, so make sure you have a financial cushion.

Does my Chosen Brokerage Support Part-Time Agents?

Not all brokerages cater to part-timers. Ask about training programs, mentorship opportunities, and commission splits specifically for part-time agents.

How will I Find Clients while Working Part-Time?

Building a network is crucial. Leverage your existing contacts, explore online lead generation, and consider joining a team within the brokerage.

Am I Prepared for the Independent Nature of the Role?

You’ll be responsible for managing your schedule, marketing yourself, and generating leads. Success requires self-motivation and strong organizational skills. Consider if you thrive in an independent work environment.

Can You Be A Real Estate Agent Part Time?

Many pe­ople ask if they can work as a real e­state agent part-time. The­ answer is yes, you can! Lots of people do real e­state work alongside another job. But succe­ss requires good time manage­ment skills and balancing other duties. You ne­ed to be able and willing to divide­ your time well.

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How to Get Started as a Part Time Real Estate Agent?

Get Your Real Estate License: Each state has its own requirements, but generally involve pre-licensing courses, passing an exam, and a background check.

Join a Brokerage: Partner with a brokerage that supports part-time agents. They’ll provide training, mentorship, and resources.

Craft a Business Plan: Outline your goals, target market, and marketing strategy. Consider how you’ll balance part-time real estate with your existing commitments.

Invest in Technology: Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and digital marketing tools can streamline your work and reach more clients.

Generate Leads: Network with potential clients, leverage social media, and explore online lead generation platforms.

Schedule Around Your Job: Be upfront with your current employer about your part-time venture. Evenings, weekends, and constant client availability are essential.

Plan Your Marketing Strategy: Develop a clear brand and target audience. Consider online advertising, open houses, and community involvement to build your reputation.

Part Time Agent Property: FAQs 

How Many Hours Do Part Time Real Estate Agents Work?

Part time real estate agents usually work be­tween 15 and 30 hours each we­ek. This lets them manage­ their job duties and other commitments. Howeve­r, working less than 20 hours may make it hard to find clients and e­arn a steady income.

How Much Do Part Time Real Estate Agents Make?

What an agent actually earns is commissions which are derived from property sales. Typically, real estate agents make a 6% commission from a property’s sale but it is divided equally between the listing and selling agents.

In a recent survey conducted by Colibri Real Estate, agents who work less than 20 hours every week take down around $24,566 annually, and can move up to $46,458 for more working hours, that is 21-40 hours.

Might a Client Hesitate to Work With a Part Time Real Estate Agent?

Yes, clients might hesitate due to concerns about availability, market knowledge, or dedication. However, strong communication, clear expectations, and proven expertise can overcome these worries.

Is It Hard for Part Time Real Estate Agents to Work for a Brokerage?

Finding a brokerage that welcomes part-timers can be challenging. Brokerages often prefer full-time agents who generate more income. However, some brokerages offer programs and support specifically for part-timers, so do your research!

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