What Is Transportation Like In Financial District in NYC

By: Abdullah Haroon

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Financial District, as its name suggests, is a pulse of America’s financial market and in terms of trading and business, no other neighborhood comes closer to FiDi. Located in Lower Manhattan, FiDi is one of the busiest places in New York in terms of business activities. The district has played a vital role in the economic, cultural, and social development of the entire United States. Being a business hub, no wonder why it is one of the best places to live in New York City.

With that said, thousands of New Yorkers commute to the area daily which highlights the importance of public transportation in the district. There are many transit options to take you to FiDi but only a few save your time. Below is a compilation of the top 5 transport services in the southern tip of Manhattan.

1. Staten Island Ferry

The Staten Island Ferry is a water-course transit service operated by the New York City Department of Transportation. In Lower Manhattan, the ferry stops at Whitehall Terminal and the trip is 25-minutes long covering the St. George Ferry Terminal and Whitehall Terminal. The ferry is free of cost and operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Many local bus services are available at the Whitehall terminal as passengers spread out to FiDi.

The ferry started operation in 1817 and at that time the service was limited between Manhattan to Staten Island. The total length of the Island Ferry is 8.4km with a single line and eight vessels. According to the stats, 65,479 trips per day were made through the ferry from July 2016 to June 2017. As discussed before, the ferry has only two terminals; Whitehall Terminal and St. George Terminal.

2. New York Water Taxi

New York Water Taxi often names NYWT is a water taxi owned by Circle line 42. The services offered by the taxi are charter services and sightseeing. It touches the Hudson River and the East River in Manhattan. NYWT started its operation in the city in September 2002 and its daily ridership is 1,370. If you are looking to travel around FiDi, New York Water Taxi may be a good option as you will enjoy their shuttle service from Pier 11/Wall Street to Fairway Market.

3. The 2 Train

The 2 Train is in operation since 1904 and it stops at Wall Street Station, Christopher Street, and 14 Street Station in Lower Manhattan. Conveniently, there’s an express line connected to it to get you where you need to go with fewer stops on the way. The metro system in this part of New York works flawlessly and daily commuters prefer services like A2 Train.

The number 2 train starts at the 241st Wakefield station and ends at the Flatbush station in Brooklyn. The train is most popular among Manhattan passengers as it takes them everywhere in the area.

4. MTA – Fulton Street station

MTA is a train hub in Lower Manhattan and four stations are linked to it including the IRT Broadway–Seventh Avenue Line, the IND Eighth Avenue Line, the BMT Nassau Street Line, and the IRT Lexington Avenue Line. The transit service was opened in 1948 and its underground structure is popular among New Yorkers. Located in the Financial District, this MTA service is fairly closer to both the World Trade Centre and Wall Street.

Undoubtedly – it is one of the bigger subway stations in terms of lines served in the area but at the same time, it is one of the hardest stations to follow. Lines 2, 4, A and J trains serve FiDi all the time. You can pretty much get to almost any point in the city from here. People who are new to the city or using this service first time should have a look at Citymapper and/or Transit first.

5. King And Queen Limo NYC

This family-owned limo service is one of the safest transit options in Lower Manhattan. King and Queen Limo NYC operate in all five boroughs and if you are looking for a private tour of FiDi, Limo should be your top priority. With 12 years of professional experience, their riders know every inch of the neighborhood. One of the best things about this Limo service is their top-notch Customer Representative Service and it is a good option for first-time visitors.

They have one of the best airport pick-up services in New York City. Whether you want to hit an event or ride through Manhattan, bottom line is, this is an amazing limo company, and if you’re looking for a clean, comfortable, luxurious way to travel this is the way to go!

Our Verdict

The above-mentioned list is confined and there are many other transportation services in the Financial District. But depending on your budget, travel nature, and city experience, you can choose the appropriate one.

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