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Living in the Financial District is a truly unique, exciting experience. Home to the New York Stock Exchange, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, and the headquarters of numerous financial institutions, the Financial District spills prestige. Today, mo

Cobblestone streets guide huge influxes of office workers and tourists to landmarks and museums around the neighborhood. There is easy access to the subways, and the neighborhood is easily walkable. After working hours, the neighborhood quiets down, but y

Average rental price point

True one bedroom price is $3,400 Flex one bedroom price $2,800 True Two Bedroom price $4,200 Flex Two bedroom price $2,800 True 3 bedroom $6,500 Flex 3 bedroom price $3,600 Studio $2,600

Average sale price point

True one bedroom price is $759,500 True two bedroom price $1,195,000 True three bedroom $1,950,000 Studio $759,500
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