What is a Common Size for a Two-Bedroom in New York City?

By: Abdullah Haroon April 30, 2021

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Most of the time, things are relative to geography and it stands more true in the real estate sector. In the same breath, some words bear meanings depending on the soil where you’re standing when you say them. The basic instinct of humans dictates them to have more spacious homes. Sometimes you might rant about not having enough space, even if you’re not living in a micro-unit.

One legit question is how to reach a consensus on what is the common size? Since there are no established standards in the United States for a micro-unit.

What is an Average Apartment?

We are considering the term average rather than the minimum to discuss the question in demand. If we consider the lower limit of “small” which is at or below the legally required size, the high limit of “small” must be somewhere at or below the average square footage for an apartment.

Therefore, to solve the query at hand, a more appropriate way is to consider the average number of lower as well as the upper limit for the apartment.

What is an Average Apartment?

As per our sources, the upper limit stands at 850 square feet while the lower limit stands at 250 square feet so the average size would be 550 square feet or less.

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One Pro Tip:

Upon surveying and asking questions, people feel like they had been deceived about the size of the apartment. They had been told that it’s “approximate. One tip is to bring your tape and measure for yourself before moving in.

The reason behind this fraud is that there are no laws on the size of the apartment. Though there are laws about room descriptions though.

In a 2 bedroom apartment, the second room will be slightly smaller than the master bedroom however in a 2 bedroom apartment the square footage mentioned should be ideal for a family of three.

Do we have to consider the privileges of living in New York City to make our understanding that where does the size of the apartment stand our priority?

Privileges of living in New York:

New York City is the land of opportunities. It is the world capital in terms of business and over one million businesses exist in the city. It directly translates into greater job opportunities.

It stands true that you are likely to receive more salary in New York City than for the same position elsewhere.

The Tradeoff for Cost and Space:

However, it all comes with a cost. If you feel like giving yourself exposure to the ultramodern life of New York City you have to make some sacrifices. The cost of living in New York is also higher than in any other place. In addition to it, you have to compromise on the available space for your apartment. To cater to the needs of the greater influx of immigrants, the living space is shrinking day by day.

Therefore, you have to settle down for the low space than you would have for the same amount of money somewhere else.

What Makes Living Comfortably in Modern Cities Like New York City?

Metropolitan cities like New York are surging in size. Mainly it is due to the available opportunities in big cities. It becomes equally difficult for the authorities to manage such a huge influx in society along with keeping law and order in place.

Though skyscrapers provided a solution to the problem of diminishing land area even that life comes with a huge cost. Therefore modern apartments are shrinking in size mainly due to adjust the living cost and secondly to make room for more people.

Keeping up with these goals as well as providing comfortable living was not easy. But architects came up with solutions in design to give maximum comfort to the residents. The credit is reserved for smart designs that make the best use of every inch. They can do so by using model furniture, thoughtful storage, and multi-purpose items.

Makes Living Comfortably in New York

Another reason why it is possible is because of common services provided by building management such as lounges, complimentary fitness centers, rooftop decks, laundry, parking, etc.

In addition to them, the personal choice of New Yorkers plays a huge role in adjusting themselves within low space. They trade off space with the luxury lifestyle of New York. Besides lifestyle, they prefer to have a short commute to the office than having more space at a far distance.

Location is more important for them rather than space. They always incline towards micro units near public transportation or even walking distance to work plus one can stay near community amenities. Such as cultural attractions, trendy restaurants, or world-class museums.

Description of a Legal Bedroom Size in NYC:

In the light of development in the New York City building code in 2008, a legal bedroom must generally meet these descriptions. :

  • It has to have a minimum of 80 square feet area.
  • No dimension shall measure less than 8 feet.
  • However, if the apartment has three or more bedrooms, half of the bedrooms can have a dimension of 7 feet
  • The minimum height for the ceiling is 8 feet and if the room is located in the basement it shall not be less than 7 feet.
  • Minimum of one window which opens to the street or garden
  • At least two entering points, be it door or window.

The Bottom Line:

There are descriptions about the dimensions of the room but there is no hard and fast rule for the apartment size. It has come to the observation that small apartments with the smart design are in trend.

In this regard, the rule of thumb is what keeps you comfortable is the size you shall look for.