The Future of Smart Homes in Turkey’s Real Estate Market

By: ROS Team

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Technology is as fascinating as life-changing – it is changing the way we think, the way we do things, the way we interact, and the way we live. There have been countless articles on how technology is influencing the world, good or bad; one part is indisputable, technology has bettered real estate in thousand folds. How else do we explain constructions over the seas, bridges over waterways, over-the-seas real estate, and aesthetic AI-enhanced houses?

As regards this article, it is not enough to just buy property on a mortgage or installment plan in Turkey. There are splendid Smart Homes, technologically advanced and well-built structures that you can purchase in Turkey other than the traditionally manual homes. This article aims to shed light on these properties, where you can find them, and the features to expect.

What is the Future of AI in Turkish Homes?

According to Turk.Estate the future of AI in Turkish homes includes the inclusion of AI in all facets of real estate in the following ways:

1. The Use of Improved Machines for Construction

This feature ascertains precision in the development of technical designs and construction projects. A study of the growth and advancement of construction reveals that the world has slowly moved from using thousands of men for the constructions of Pharaoh Domes in the ancient world and sky towers in the most recent ones into the use of cement mixers in project locations, hauling machines, and various heavy-duty devices that are used in the process of building massive houses.

On the one hand, technology has made construction easier and more accurate. It has also reduced pressure on humans for heavy haulage jobs and has helped in construction projections, architectural designing, etc.

2. Smart Homes and in-built AI

AI has now gone beyond telephones assistants such as Siri and Alexa but has now transformed into the warmness of a home. For example, AI has been used to design various assistant devices in homes, such as lighting control, Door locks, scheduling, internal decors, etc. Imagine that you could put off your light without having to stand up to get a remote or look for a switch. Or change your decors with the sound of your voice.

These smart enhancements often come in highly digitized houses enabled to assist people who are living in them. They are often luxury units built with the finest materials and items in mind. The good news is that these apartments make life better, and the great news is that they are now present in Turkey!

3. Smart Error Detection Systems

The third category of AI usage in luxury real estate that is often not discussed enough is the use of Smart error detection systems. This has been the practice for many agencies, business, and banking systems. It involves the use of machines and software to raise error alerts or give notifications on the conditions of a building.

The most common use of this system error detectors include fire alarms and water extinguishing systems (where such a building detects a fire, its water systems release water from the ceilings to quench it); there are also other forms that can no detect structural errors during buildings and afterward for maintenance purposes.

4. Enhanced Security

The contribution of AI security-wise cannot be overemphasized. Daily, new AI and technology advanced security systems are built empowered to identify threats from afar and warn inhabitants; to record footage of environs and monitor them through CCTV cameras; to improve surveillance systems; and to prevent hacking of security doors, etc. These days, apartments are even built with fingerprint doors, face detectors, Smart keys, etc. With technologically enhanced security systems, homes are safer, more secure, and crime is reduced as they are most easily identified.

There are properties of various levels of AI-assisted systems in Turkey that will blow your mind. Some have simpler AI systems, while some have more complicated systems. You should look into towns such as Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya, and other prominent locations for these tech homes.


By way of conclusion, this article has explored Four major ways that technology and AI have improved real estate in the world. It was discovered that these AI-enhanced buildings have made life easier for residents in Turkey and other locations across the world.

That is because you could make demands from anywhere in the house and have AI complete simple tasks. Such as switching on and off the light, dialing the emergency numbers in distress, speed dials, changing décor, and sometimes even notifying the homeowner of errors detected. Lastly, AI has done a very good job of promoting security in buildings.