The Best Ways to Find a Rental Property for Multiple Pets

By: ROS Team

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In a world where loneliness is rampant, keeping a pet is in vogue. And why not so, as history tells pets have been trusted companions of humans for centuries. In recent times, pets have almost become a compulsory addition to the family.

However, keeping pets has not been easy as it has its requirements to be fulfilled. And if you are inclined to keep multiple pets in your home, you have to get good information on the laws first. Even if you have found a pet-friendly building, you need to settle it down that how many pets you can keep at your building. Landlords always have concerns over pets and you must do an effort to defuse those concerns.

Let us Discuss How you can Rent a House with Multiple Pets:

Spend Some Time On Research:

The best way to find an apartment that allows multiple pets is to spend a good amount of time researching the market. If you act upon this tip in letter and spirit, chances are you do not have to worry much about the latter. The market always has some properties and surroundings which do not mind the number of pets at the building only if you can reach them at the right time.

Look for Animal-Friendly Listing Ads:

We are living in a world of marketing and not considering this idea would be a sheer loss. It is not merely tenants that look for pet-friendly properties but it goes the other way round as well. Some landlords and property managers do find tenants with pets to have a better deal with them and it makes a win-win situation for both parties.

So next time, when you stalk through social apps randomly, keep an eye for animal-friendly properties.

Seek Help from Friends and Family:

Your friends and family are a part of your support system and it is not that they are only available for financial help but also for advisory and counseling. Give them the task of finding a property where multiple pets are allowed or if they have a good connection with any landlord whose property is on listing to convince him to allow you to have multiple pets.

Push them to discuss it in their circle to find connections in the market.

Read Guidebooks of Community Apartments:

It is not a conventional way to find a renting building but for the sake of your love for your pet, you shall go for the extra mile. In supermarkets and stores, you always glance over guidebooks for community apartments while passing by. Next time you encounter such a guidebook, do not just pass, instead, stop and leaf through the pages. See what are their instructions for pets and if there is any room for negotiation to allow you to have multiple pets?

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Prepare a Profile of your Pets:

Documents always come in handy when you need to bring someone around. Therefore, you shall prepare a proper resume type profile of all your pets. It shall contain a profile picture, age, best qualities, favorite activities, etc. it would make your case convincing to your landlord.

Offer to Pay Extra Amount for Multiple Pets:

The truth is, when everything fails, money finds a way out of it. Landlords are investors who want maximum return against their investment. Apart from satisfying them about the living conditions, extend your offer to pay extra charges for your multiple pets. It is highly likely that your potential landlord would consider your offer.

Why Landlords are Reluctant to Rent their Properties to Pet Owners:

You shall invest your energy to know the psychology of landlords as to why they feel reluctant to rent their properties to pet owners? It is not like they have a personal grudge against innocent souls as those of pets but it is the behavior of tenants which disappoints them in the bigger picture.

  • They are afraid of the potential damage a pet can cause to their property. Though they can seek compensation out of tenants still it creates a lot of inconvenience and landlords don’t sign it off easily.
  • Another factor could be the excessive noise pets often create. Pet owners might not mind it but in a community where a lot of residing units are there, neighbors complain about the unwanted noise in the air. It creates a lot of problems for landlords to satisfy the whole community and they simply find a solution in not allowing a pet at their property.

These are the fundamental reasons behind their disinterests and you can work around them. If you can give them confidence that you would make sure to protect their property from potential damage and would not give your neighbors a chance to file a complaint, you can persuade a landlord to allow you multiple pets.

Read Your Rental Lease Thoroughly:

Even if you have a general sense that pets are allowed in the building and a verbal agreement with a landlord, make sure to incorporate it in your lease. Sometimes, pets are allowed but their specific strength is not mentioned categorically. So if you aim to keep multiple pets, try to mention the exact number in the lease.

The best strategy is to get everything in writing to avoid trouble for the later part. And if you can manage, ask your agent to mention the names and pet types in the rental agreement.

The Wrapping Words:

Everyone is aware of pets’ importance in our lives and landlords, too, do not abhor the idea of keeping pets and the most likely cause is they must be keeping pets. It is about giving them confidence that their property is in safe hands and you would be responsible for any inconvenience.

Explore the above-mentioned channels to find a property where multiple pets are allowed. Have a healthy and fun time with your pets.