Best Pets to have in NYC

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Keeping a pet is not merely a fashion but a need. Beyond sympathy for animals, they add value to life. It has become almost a norm to have a pet across the globe. Kids are most fond of pets. Keeping pets proves to be very helpful for parents as well. For the best part, they teach people to be responsible and affectionate towards other souls.

But when it comes to choosing among the variety of pets which are legal to have in NYC is a tough call. Without any dint of exaggeration, dogs and cats are the most loved pets. But that does not mean you only have two options at your disposal but there are plenty of them which are legal to have and fun to look after.

We have compiled a list of some of the best pets to be kept at home.

Note: Before taking a final decision, you shall take into account the living conditions at your home, as well as the building laws if pets are allowed or not?

Animals Allowed to be kept as Pets:

The following are the animals that can be kept as pets:

  • Domesticated cat, and dog
  • Rabbit and horse
  • Gerbil, hamster, and guinea
  • Parakeet, Parrot, and Pigeon
  • Hen or female chicken
  • Certain reptiles
  • Honeybees

Note: well maintained and properly constructed cages are allowed in the city for birds.

Animals that are Not Allowed as Pets:

Bylaws, wild animals are strictly forbidden in the city. It is not allowed to keep them or sell them in the city. It is always advised to report if someone finds an illegal animal kept as a pet. As per the policy, wild, farm, and exotic animals are not allowed to be kept in the city.

The following are the animals that are not allowed by law:

  • Wolves, Foxes, and Jackals
  • Lions, Tigers, and Leopards
  • Cheetahs, Cougars, and undomesticated cats
  • Monkey, Apes, and Chimpanzees
  • Sheep, goats, and pigs

Note: in case you already own a pet that comes in the illegal category you can drop the animal at animal care centers situated in each of the boroughs.

Some Advice for Being a Pet Owner:

Before you move on to know what are the best pets to have in NYC, we would like to bring it your knowledge that keeping pets demands both energy and money. If you do not care about the expenses but cannot spare extra time for you, you shall select the pet which does not seek much attention or shall revise your decision.

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You can only build a cherished relationship with your pet if you take good care of it.

Some of the Best Pets to Have in a Home

1. Dog:

A dog is considered the most loved animal as a pet. One of the best advantages of having a dog as a pet is that kids are most comfortable around them. In big cities such as New York, people live alone and single, having a pet turns out a blessing for them.

There are several breeds of dogs and you can choose what attracts you the most. Keep in mind that dogs need good care. Only if you can spare an extra time to look after a dog then you should keep it otherwise not.

2. Cat:

Along with the dog, cats are equally common pets in NYC. They are playful and cute. And they happen to live long. You will have to buy some equipment for the cat.

The upside is that they do not require as much care as those of dogs.

3. Turtle:

Turtles require the least maintenance of all. They are small and peaceful. And they happen to live longer than other pets on the list so be prepared to take care of them for longer.

One downside of having a turtle is that it turns out quite expensive the start to have a separate enclosure in the start.

4. Fish:

Fish could be another good addition to your home. They not only fulfill the requirement of a pet but also lend an elegancy to the home. However, it does not come cheap as they would as both attention and finance.

5. Hamster:

They are cute creatures to have at home. The best thing about them is that they will not ask for much of your attention but will live on their own for the most part.

6. Birds:

Like fish, they too look elegant in the house. They stay close in the cage so would never create trouble for you. Another upside is that they do not require much training like cats and dogs.

Among birds, parrots are the most common. There are dozens of varieties among them. Some of them can even mimic human vice given they are trained enough. It is quite fun to keep birds at home.

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7. Guinea Pig:

Last but not least is guinea pigs. They are actually in vogue in NYC. The best thing about them is that they are very responsive to their owners like cats and dogs but take much less maintenance.

8. Reptiles:

There are several different types of pets to choose from in the reptile realm. They include:

Snakes: Opt for smaller snakes as they don’t require a large tank. The best part is they don’t need your attention to stay happy.

Lizards: Lizards are manageable in a medium-to-large tank and are easy to care for. However, they are friendlier with human attraction. Since lizards don’t require a huge tank, you can keep any reptile quite well in an apartment. But, before owning one, take time to understand what’s necessary to keep them healthy, like ideal room temperatures, humidity, and lighting.

Always make sure that property managers are okay with any reptiles you plan on having in your apartment.


What is the Most Popular Pet in New York?

The French bulldog is the most popular pet in New York.

Are there any Pet Restrictions or Regulations in NYC Apartments?

Yes, many NYC apartments have pet restrictions or regulations. Some buildings may have breed or size restrictions for dogs, while others may have a limit on the number of pets allowed per apartment.

Are Birds a Good Pet Option for Living in NYC?

If you have enough space for a proper cage or aviary in your house or lawn, birds can be a good option as a pet for people who live in NYC.

Are there Any Exotic Pets Allowed in NYC Apartments?

NYC has specific regulations regarding exotic pets, and many exotic species are not allowed to be kept as pets within the city. It’s important to research and comply with local laws and regulations before considering an exotic pet.

Final Words:

Keeping pets is quite stitched into the social fabric of our society. They are not merely kept for fun but instead to add value to life. The best thing you get in return is the habit of taking responsibility.

However, every animal is not allowed to be kept in the home and every building does not allow keeping pets. You need to consult someone, check the website of a concerned department, or can visit animal care centers in any of the boroughs of NYC.

We wish you a happy and wonderful experience with your pet if you have decided to keep one.

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