Studio vs. One Bedroom Apartment: Which is Best for You?

By: ROS Team

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Space comes at a premium in New York. But there are a couple of apartment options available to you that allows you to balance city living with more cozy quarters.  Before deciding which option is best for you, let’s get a better understanding of how one-bedroom apartments differ from studio apartments.

What is a Studio Apartment?

A studio apartment is a single living space that encompasses the bedroom, kitchen, and living room. Think hotel room vibes where you might have a kitchenette in one corner and a pull-out sofa in the other. And, as in a hotel room, the bathroom has its own space.

Studio apartments are an ideal choice for tenants who live alone and are looking for an affordable studio apartment. And since a studio apartment has less square footage, it doesn’t require as much furniture to complete the living space.

What is a One Bedroom Apartment?

As the name suggests, a one bedroom apartment has one bedroom in addition to a separate space for a living room, kitchen, and bathroom. A one-bedroom apartment offers more privacy, especially when you have guests.

Weighing the Options

You should consider the following factors when deciding between a studio apartment and a one-bedroom apartment. Some key factors to consider include:

Different Between Studio Apartment vs One Bedroom Apartment


The average size of a studio apartment is 600 square feet but can be as small as 300 square feet. Less space means less room for entertaining and storage.


In-studio apartments, where you sleep are also where you work, hang out, and eat. So there really is no privacy at all. On the other hand, a one-bedroom apartment at least offers a separate bedroom and space where you and your guests can watch TV or share a meal.

Room for Amenities

A studio apartment’s small space means little room for anything extra such as a washer and dryer or full-sized appliances. If you enjoy hosting gatherings or like having the ability to do your laundry in your apartment, a studio apartment may not be your best option.

Remote Work

During the COVID-19 pandemic, working from home became the norm for many. It’s possible to work from home in either a studio apartment or in a one-bedroom apartment, but working, sleeping, and eating in the same place for a long time may become maddening over time, especially if you’ll be working from home indefinitely.


Having a smaller living space has its perks-it means a lower cleaning burden. Studio apartments are quicker to clean and maintain. But at the same time, the smaller place can lead to more clutter as there is not enough space for all your belongings.


Studio apartments are primarily located in more metropolitan areas closer to bars, restaurants, and public transportation.  This may or may not matter to you based on your lifestyle.


One-bedroom apartments are typically more expensive than studio apartments because they offer more space.  If you are looking to save more and don’t mind compromising space and privacy, a studio apartment may be the way to go.


Only you can decide whether a studio apartment or a one-bedroom apartment is best for you. It all depends on your lifestyle and overall living needs.

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