Do Realtors Help With Finding Rentals – Here’s What You Need To Know

By: ROS Team

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There is a lot of debate about whether or not realtors help with finding rentals. Some people say that it’s not their job and they should stay focused on selling homes. However, others believe that realtors can be extremely helpful in finding the right rental property for their clients.

In this blog post, we will explore both sides of the argument and let you decide for yourself! We will also share the best websites to find realtors to help find rentals.

What Is A Realtor?

A realtor is a professional who helps people buy, sell or lease property. They work as agents for their clients and typically have a good understanding of the local property market. Realtors often work on a commission basis, meaning they earn a percentage of the sale price of the property they help to sell.

How to Choose the Right Realtor

It’s important to consider the credentials of your realtor when selecting one. There are several certifications and qualifications that a realtor should possess before you hire them.

The National Association of Realtors offers Certified Residential Specialist (CRS), Accredited Buyer’s Representative (ABR), and Graduate Realtor Institute (GRI) certifications.

Each of these credentials requires additional training and education that demonstrate a higher level of skill in working with buyers and sellers.

Additionally, your realtor should be knowledgeable about the local market and have contacts to help you find the best deals.

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In addition to qualifications and certifications, it is also important to look for realtors who have a good track record. Ask for references and read reviews to get an idea of how well the realtor has performed in the past.

Also, find out about their experience and success rate in obtaining offers accepted on a property that you are interested in purchasing or selling.

When speaking with prospective realtors, ask them about the services they offer and how they will help you achieve your objectives. A good realtor should be able to provide advice on pricing, contracts, negotiations, and other elements of the buying/selling process. They should also have an understanding of the financing options available so that they can make sound decisions when it comes time to purchase or sell a property.

What Services Do Realtors Offer When It Comes To Renting Properties Out?

Realtors are licensed professionals who help people buy, sell, and rent properties. When it comes to renting out a property, realtors can provide a number of services.

First, they can help to assess the rental market in a given area and determine how much rent a property should fetch. They can also help to screen potential tenants and find responsible renters who are likely to take good care of the property.

Additionally, realtors can handle all of the paperwork associated with renting out a property, from drafting the lease agreement to collecting security deposits.

As a result, realtors can take on much of the hassle and stress involved in renting out a property.

Do They Help With Finding Rentals For Their Clients, Or Just Selling Homes That Are For Sale?

Real estate agents are middlemen in the home buying and selling process. They help to connect buyers with sellers, and in return, they earn a commission on the sale.

In most cases, real estate agents are only involved in the sale of homes that are already on the market.

However, some agents also work with buyers to help them find rental properties that meet their needs. These agents typically work with property management companies and landlords to keep a list of available rentals. When working with a buyer, they will show them a variety of rental options and help to negotiate a lease on their behalf.

While most real estate agents only work with buyers and sellers of homes, some also specialize in finding rentals for their clients.

How Can You Tell If A Realtor Is Good At Helping People Find Rentals?

When you’re looking for a rental property, it’s important to find a realtor who is experienced in helping people find rentals. There are a few things you can look for to tell if a realtor is good at helping people find rentals.

First, ask the realtor how long they have been working in the rental market. A good realtor will have a wealth of experience and knowledge to offer their clients.

Second, ask the realtor what kind of resources they use to help people find rentals. A good realtor will have access to a variety of listings and will be able to provide potential renters with a wide range of options.

Finally, ask the realtor what kind of guidance they offer clients when they are looking for rentals. A good realtor will be able to provide helpful tips and advice on everything from budgeting to finding the perfect rental property.

What Should You Look For In A Rental Agent If You’re Looking To Rent Out A Property Yourself?

If you’re looking to rent out a property yourself, it’s also important to find a rental agent who is experienced in the rental market. A good rental agent will be able to help you price your property competitively and market it effectively to potential renters.

They will also be able to provide you with valuable insights into the rental market and help you avoid any potential pitfalls. When you’re looking for a realtor or rental agent, it’s important to choose someone who is experienced and knowledgeable about the rental market. By doing so, you can ensure that you’ll find the perfect rental property for your needs.

Are There Any Benefits To Using A Realtor When Looking For A Rental Property Instead Of Going Through Classified Ads?

Many people assume that they can save money by renting a property without the help of a realtor. While it is true that you can find some good deals by looking through classified ads or online listings. There are several benefits to using a realtor that is often overlooked.

For one thing, a realtor will have access to a wider range of properties than you will likely be able to find on your own. They also have relationships with landlords and property managers, which means they may be able to get you a better deal on rent.

Furthermore, a realtor can help to negotiate the terms of your lease, ensuring that you get the best possible deal.

Overall, while there may be some upfront costs associated with using a realtor, in the long run, you are likely to save both time and money.

How Much Does It Typically Cost To Use A Realtor’s Services?

The cost of using a realtor’s services when renting out a property can vary depending on a number of factors. Such as the location of the property, the size of the property, and the length of the lease.

However, in general, it typically costs about 3% of the purchase price of the home to use a realtor’s services.

There may be other expenses incurred as well, such as the realtor’s commission which is generally paid by the seller. In some cases, the buyer may also be responsible for reimbursing the agent for certain costs incurred while performing their services, like advertising or home staging.

What Are Some Things To Keep In Mind When Working With A Realtor – Are There Any Red Flags Or Things That Tenants Should Watch Out For?

When renting out a property, it is important to work with a reputable realtor. A realtor can help to find potential tenants and negotiate the terms of the lease. However, there are some things to keep in mind when working with a realtor.

First, be sure to get everything in writing. This includes the rental agreement, the credit check authorization form, and any other documents that are signed.

Secondly, make sure that you understand all of the fees involved. Some realtors charge a flat fee, while others take a percentage of the monthly rent. Be sure to ask about all of the fees upfront so there are no surprises later on.

Lastly, trust your gut instinct. If something feels off or too good to be true, it probably is. If you have any concerns, be sure to raise them with your realtor. By following these tips, you can help to ensure a smooth and successful renting experience.

How Difficult Is It To Find A Realtor to Help Find Rental
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How Difficult Is It To Find A Realtor to Help Find Rental?

It depends on what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for a top-producing real estate agent in your area. It will be more difficult to find someone who fits that bill than if you’re just looking for someone who can help you buy or sell a home.

One of the best ways to find a real estate agent is to ask friends, family, or colleagues for referrals. Plus, you can always call your local real estate board and ask for recommendations.

When choosing a realtor, it’s important to be sure that you feel comfortable working with them. They should be responsive to your questions and willing to help you every step of the way. It’s also important to trust their judgment, as they will be helping you make some big decisions.


Are There Any Drawbacks Of Using Realtors?

There are a few drawbacks to using realtors. The main one is that it can be expensive. Real estate agents typically charge around 3% of the sale price of the home. So it can add up quickly if the home sells for a lot of money.

Another drawback is that real estate agents sometimes don’t have the best interests of their clients in mind. For example, they may push them to accept a low offer or to sign a contract that isn’t in their best interest. It’s important to be aware of these things and to always read any contracts carefully before signing them.

How Difficult Is It To Find A Rental Through A Realtor?

It’s not difficult to find a rental property through a realtor. In fact, they have access to properties that are not listed online and can often help you secure a lease before it’s even advertised.

It is important to work with a reputable realtor, however, as there are many scam artists out there who prey on unsuspecting renters. Make sure the realtor is licensed and insured, and ask for references before you decide to work with them.

When Is The Best Time To Contact A Realtor About Finding A Rental Property?

The best time to contact a Realtor about finding a rental property is when you are ready to start looking for a place to live. Many Realtors keep lists of rental properties and can let you know about new listings as soon as they become available.

Where Can I Find Realtors To Help Find Rentals?

If you are looking for an agent to help find a rental property, you can navigate to websites like Nyrentownsell,,, and These sites allow you to search for realtors in your area based on various criteria, such as location, price range, or specialties.

Final Thoughts

Realtors can be incredibly helpful in finding a rental property that suits your needs. But it’s important to do your research and make sure you’re working with a reputable agent. Overall, using the services of a realtor can be beneficial and save you time and energy in your search for a rental property.