Top Home Staging Tips To Sell Your Home Fast

By: ROS Team

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Staging an apartment or home is key when you want to sell it quickly. Homebuyers are accustomed to seeing what a space will look like with furniture and decor and will often base their decision to buy on how a room looks furnished.

What Does it Mean to Stage a House?

Staging entails placing room decor and furniture in a home during the selling process. The homeowner’s personal belongings are typically not used; instead, furniture is leased or borrowed.

Why is Staging Important?

Staging is important as potential buyers walk through the home to assess the available space. It adds dimension and depth to spaces when they are empty. Staging is perhaps one of the most profitable things you can do when selling your place.

What are the Benefits of Home Staging?

A well-staged space can sell an apartment or house; in fact, staged apartments and homes sell quicker than empty ones. Photos of properly staged homes also appear better in online listings.

Top 8 Tips to Stage Your Home

Tip #01: Declutter the Space

Clutter diverts buyers’ attention away from the functionality of the space because it creates the illusion that rooms are smaller than they are. Remove knickknacks and other small trinkets to keep the focus on the room’s dimensions.

Staging an apartment or house also includes ensuring the space is nice and clean–vacuum the floor and make sure bathroom and kitchen fixtures are clean and shiny.

Tip #02: Eliminate Odors

Pets, children, garbage, and damp carpet can create terrible odors. Use aromatic candles or bake some cookies to help remove any offensive scents.

You can also grind half of a lime and place it in trash bins or garbage disposals to eliminate sink odors.

If you’re a smoker, consider smoking outdoors and take special care to deodorize indoor spaces. Don’t forget to clear the trash cans of cigarette ashes.

Air out the whole apartment or house by opening windows — air purifiers, deodorizers, or scented candles can prompt allergic reactions. If you have dogs, wash all surfaces and do what you can to remove the pet odor from the rugs and carpet.

Tip #03: Clean and Fresh Home

Most prospective clients in the kitchen are searching for modern appliances. If you can’t afford brand-new ones, ensure that the appliances and light fixtures are clean and functional. No one needs to see smeared marinara sauce, grease, or food scraps in their future home.

Tip #04: Organize the Furniture

Place sofas, tables, and couches so that they are not directly against the rooms’ walls, a staging method dubbed “floating” the furniture. Anchor the center of the room with a beautiful rug, even in rooms with wall-to-wall carpeting. This provides a warm, relaxed space that’s perfect for having a conversation.

Tip #05: Remove Personal Items

To sell your house quickly, you would want the potential buyers to envision themselves in your home. Remove all personal items like family photos and children’s artwork and replace them with decor that neutralizes the space.

Tip #06: Add Lighting

Great lighting is one of the things that can make staged homes appear warm and welcoming. Replace burned-out light bulbs with new ones, and consider painting any dull-colored rooms with a brighter color.

Tip #07: Create Office Space

COVID-19 required that many people work from home for long periods or indefinitely. It also required many children to convert to homeschooling. Today’s homebuyers put emphasis on features like home offices, so create a space when staging that can replicate that.

Tip #08: Get the Backyard in Shape

Don’t neglect the backyard when staging. Make sure the area is clean and if you have room to accommodate patio furniture, stage it as you would indoor furniture.

FAQs for Staging an Apartment / House

Which Parts of the House Matter most when Staging?

You don’t have to stage the entire house or apartment. Only focus on the room that has the largest potential for attracting buyers. This could be the kitchen, master bedroom, or living room because they all could potentially make or break a sale.

How should I Stage a Living Room?

To display your living room space, first ensure the space is clean and dust-free. Clean coffee and dining tables since they are the room’s centerpieces, and organize or put away TV remotes, phone chargers, and books.

Use dimmers and lamps to create a relaxed atmosphere where people may like to sit and unwind.

How should I Stage the Kitchen?

Kitchens are major selling points. Make sure it is clean and smells fresh. Add brighter lights and paint the walls white to make the space look larger.

Clear clutter from counters and other kitchen surfaces and add color and charm by placing fresh flowers on the kitchen table.

Is it Necessary to Set the Kitchen Table when Staging an Apartment?

No, it’s not necessary to set the table when staging an apartment. Do what you can to keep the focus on the overall space and not decor.


Now that you have a better understanding of New York home staging, think about other aesthetics and decor to add to fully showcase your space. People want to see fresh and beautiful flowers in vases, a basket of fresh fruit on the kitchen counter, and fluffed and folded towels in the shower. Do what you can to incorporate these aspects when staging your apartment or home.

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