Top 8 Real Estate Companies in New York City

By: ROS Team

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Buying or selling a property can be one of the biggest financial decisions you make in your lifetime. So you can’t afford to go with unprofessional or inexperienced real estate brokers. There are hundreds of real estate companies in NYC, and it can be overwhelming to decide which one to partner with.

Don’t let the process of finding an NYC real estate company intimidate you. We have put together some pointers for choosing a real estate broker and compiled a list of the top eight real estate companies in New York City.

Ideas for Choosing a Real Estate Company:

  • Referral or recommendation from a friend or family member.
  • Online searches.
  • Read the broker’s online reviews and evaluate previous client feedback.
  • Interview at least three potential real estate companies to get an idea of how they operate and to find out if they have a license to work in the area.
  • Request the names of some of the company’s former clients and contact them as references.

Top Real Estate Companies in New York City:

1- GFI Capital

GFI Capital is one of the most popular real estate brokers in New York City.  The company offers a full range of services to clients interested in buying, selling, or renting real estate. They operate in NYC and the surrounding areas.

2- NY Rent Own Sell

NY Rent Own Sell is unique in that it provides a “one-stop-shop” approach to real estate. This brokerage firm provides options for buying, renting, or selling the property–all from one website.  This digitally forward-thinking company teams tech professionals with real estate experts to provide clients with a unique real estate experience.

3- Halstead

Halstead – Real Estate firm serves residents and prospective buyers in Manhattan and Brooklyn. This firm is based in NYC and has more than 1,500 experienced agents.

4- Meridian Capital Group

Meridian Capital Group is a smaller firm with only around 400 agents but is still one of the top real estate companies in NYC.

5- Douglas Elliman

This real estate company was established in 1911.  What differentiates Douglas Elliman from other companies is its ability to innovate and stay on top of real estate trends and leverage technology to better serve its clientele. Their custom real estate mobile app called “Elli” includes an intelligent search engine that learns your housing preferences quickly. Another cool feature of the app is that it recognizes NYC apartment buildings from a picture captured on your phone and can tell you if the building has any available units.

6- Compass

Compass is another New York real estate broker that believes in digital solutions to real estate problems. They have also launched a mobile app that answers hundreds of real estate questions and helps connect potential clients with one of the firm’s real estate agents.

7- Bellmarc Realty

Bellmarc Realty was established in 1979 and has a rich history of helping New Yorkers from all walks of life buy, sell and rent a property.  The company has a team of approximately 270 agents who are experienced and eager to help their clients find their next home.

8- Keller Williams NYC

Established in 1983, Keller Williams is an international real estate brokerage firm.  They are one of the fastest-growing real estate companies in the world. And became the second-largest real estate franchise in the U.S. in 2011.  They have over a thousand real estate agents who can assist buyers, sellers and future tenants locate homes in and around NYC.

Final Words

When it comes to real estate, these top NYC real estate firms are changing the game and setting new standards for quality brokerage services. Consider these or use the tips above to find the real estate broker that will help you with your next real estate transaction.

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