Tips For Tenants To Know NYC Apartment Building Ratings

By: ROS Team

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Getting to know about the rental building before you move in is a pure blessing. The stay turns out to be horrific if someone gets to know after the lease that there have been structural issues with plumbing in the building.

Therefore, more people and platforms are rising to the occasion to address this issue. New websites and government departments are being installed to let tenants know beforehand if there has ever been an issue in the building. It is highly recommended to every tenant get as much information as possible about the building you are going to make a shift to.

The following are some of the best places to look for information about a rental building. Get to know them.

Make Use of the Internet:

In this era of the digital world, the internet is your best friend. It alone has the potential to satisfy your inquiry if you know how to search. So when it comes to the rental building, make the best use of the internet and get t know about the different features of a property.

Chances are you would find any detail you are looking for about property on the internet and the type of ranking you want to see about rental properties.

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Letter Based Grading:

There are websites that have adopted different ways to take reviews about rental buildings and rank them in order of excellent to bad. One such website uses the letter grading system in ranking the rental buildings. They gather data from complaints and feedback for certain buildings and then process it to find a true ranking of the building. In addition to it, they have provided a space to leave comments or general information regarding the building.

Apartments are shown in a graded system for the viewers with both grades and remarks including specific complaints about the property. You may also narrow down your search according to the neighborhood.


We have seen that tenants tend to have very little information about the apartment before moving in. They had hardly spent an hour or so at the property before taking the decision. You get to know what is working and what is not when you happen to live there? This is an area that required much more attention. There is hardly another decision in our life where we may have decided with such poor information about the choice.

The good news is there are platforms that provide such information about the buildings. Firsthand data is taken from the tenants or from those who had spent time on that particular property.

Data Available about the Surrounding:

Another interesting filter to rank the building is the information available in the public domain. Through media and social apps, a lot is known about the surroundings and the situation of security there. Data about crimes and other bad incidents are easily available and we may get to know about them.

It provides important information to know before moving into a certain surrounding.

Living Experience or Previous Tenants:

Nothing beats the information of actual living experience about a certain property. A tenant shall thrive to get the knowledge of property from people who happened to live there in past. You may ask people living in the surrounding of their previous neighbors and may call them or write an email. This is the best favor you may do to yourself before striking a deal for your new home.

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Try to extract as much information as you could by framing the right questions, asking about the living conditions inside and outside as well. Get to know the culture of those surroundings and neighbors if you could.

How Cooperative is the Landlord?

Wear and tear are a part of living and no property is perfect. There come issues during the stay if solved amicably would make your experience worth it. There, one always wishes to have a landlord who s cooperative. If you have any complaints that are sorted out on priorities, they would always stay in your good book.

Therefore, inquire about how cooperative is your landlord? And rank the rental building in this order to get a pleasant living experience.

Check the Building Information System Site:

The most authentic source to get information about a rental building is the Department of Building. Its best feature is that they keep the records of all complaints filed against a certain building in the past.

What makes it even more special is that anyone can approach and get the required detail about a building. The registered complaints are inspected by the relevant local agencies and it is made sure to get them solved.

  • To inquire about the information, go to their website, and you would find a search bar.
  • Enter the required information such as a borough, building type, etc and it would lead you to the building profile.
  • At the bottom of this page, you would find registered complaints about the building.


Department of Housing Preservation and Development:

It is another department to get to know about the building. You would easily find out not only the complaints but additional information about the building as well. There is plenty of data available and you need to work smart to know specific details only.

Final Words:

Try to explore as many channels as are available to extract the information about the rental building so you could take an informed decision. Best of luck with your stay.