Pros and Cons of Living in New York City

By: ROS Team

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You may not always be fortunate enough to live in the city where you want to live, perhaps because of job or family constraints.

Many people the world over have their hearts set on living in the Big Apple because the city is synonymous with vibrancy, color, and diversity. However, it does not mean NYC life doesn’t have a downside. Let’s explore some of the pros and cons of NYC living.

Pros of Living in NYC

Land of Opportunity

NYC is often referred to as the land of opportunity, which it is. The city is home to hundreds of corporations and small businesses. New people bring new energy and diversity to the city that most other cities in the U.S. lack.

Living Wages

NYC has a higher cost of living, but you are likely to earn more money. Salaries for NYC jobs tend to be higher than the national average.

Adequate Transportation

The city is interlinked with subways, buses, taxies, and ferries. You can get anywhere in the city using public transportation. Depending on where you live, you may even be able to walk to work from your apartment or rent a bike to visit the nearest restaurant. You will never have to worry about traveling from one place to the next if you don’t have a personal vehicle thanks to NYC’s transportation options.

Great Social Scene

The city’s population is expansive, and it is very easy to meet people professionally and casually at the city’s many festivals, parks, or restaurants.


NYC has a reputation for being unsafe because of the number of people who live there.  But, contrary to what most people believe, NYC is super safe. In fact, NYC is one of the top five safest big cities in the U.S.


NYC has a lot to offer when it comes to diversity. Be it food, style or language NYC sets the bar high when it comes to fostering inclusivity.  Regardless of your background, you will certainly and comfortably fit in somewhere within the city. Because of this, NYC is a great place for those looking for a fresh start.

Cons of Living in NYC


No city has infinite resources, and NYC is no exception. With a population of more than 8 million people, the city’s resources are limited, and competition for those resources is high, whether it’s in housing, education, or the job market.

Higher Cost of Living

Living in NYC is expensive. Apartment rent is more expensive per square foot than it is in most other cities in the U.S. Most residents offset the cost of living expenses by moving further away from the city, which increases their commuting expenses.

Extreme Weather

Sometimes NYC’s weather can be extreme, with excessively cold winters to sizzling hot summers. NYC is also subject to blizzards and hurricanes.


Movies often depict NYC with crowded sidewalks and crosswalks full of people most of the time. Unfortunately, those images are closer to fact than fiction. The city is incredibly crowded, which means long lines for transportation and food and non-stop noise.

Working Capital of the World

NYC could easily be coined as the “Working Capital of the World.” Most NYC residents work more than 40 hours a week to make enough money to provide for their families.  New York City is not for lazy or faint-hearted people. If you plan to move to the city, come prepared to work hard to get what you want.

Should You Move to New York City?

Depending on what you want, living in New York City could either be a dream come true for you or overwhelming.  Definitely do your homework about the city and the area of town you plan on visiting or moving to so you can weigh your own pros and cons about moving to New York City.