How to Find Short Term Rentals in NYC – 7 Tips

By: ROS Team

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Rentals that last less than a year are considered short term rentals. These types of rentals are ideal for people who are not ready to commit to long-term contracts or rental agreements.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at short term rentals and tips for finding short-term rentals in NYC.

What is a Short Term Rental in NYC?

In New York City, a short-term rental is one in which an apartment or house can be rented for less than 30 consecutive days. City regulators put this parameter in place to ensure tenants can enjoy long-term house guests without having to treat them like sub-renters.

Who Can Benefit from Short Term Rentals?

Beneficiaries of short term rental arrangements include:

  • Tenants who move often for work;
  • People who are apartment hunting but have already leased their previous place;
  • Students or interns;
  • Tourists or vacationers; and
  • Individuals who need temporary housing due to construction or renovation at their primary residence.

Tips for Finding a Short Term Rental

1- Reach Out to the Relations: Family or Friend

Family and friends can help you find short -term housing in NYC. If they don’t have direct knowledge, they may know someone who does, either in their direct circle of friends or through social media.

2- Search for Short Term Housing Online:

Real estate is fast adapting itself to the changing dynamics of the business. And digitization is one but a major change in this regard. People love to find the solution online and companies did not remain oblivious to this fact.

Not only you may find a place but also book that from the comfort of your cozy chair even before you stepped into the city. Street Essay and are two such platforms to name a few where you can find the apartment and apply filters to reach a more precise result.

3- Hire the Services of the Broker or Real Estate Firm:

No matter how fast is technology taking over the real estate sector it still has a long way to go to beat the street-smart agents. Getting to a broker who is well-versed in short-term rentals is quite a viable option. The available options might be fewer because few agencies specialize in short-term furnished inventory.

Do not ignore this tip just because of saving a few dollars against the agent’s fees because with their experience. They are likely to save more money than what will be asked for a fee.

NY Rent Own Sell has loads of experience in the specific field of short term rentals. Being an insider, you are likely to benefit a great deal from their services. Do not hesitate to reach out because you will find them warmly welcoming.

4- Survey your Immediate Neighborhood:

If the reason behind your research is any construction or renovation work at your prime residence, then renting in your local neighborhood is the best option so you can manage your work and other routines at the same time can keep an eye on the work at your residence.

Exploit your knowledge about the locality of where the rental apartments are available and ask people about possible opportunities. If you can do a little hard work, you are likely to get the reward soon.

5- Move into a “Corporate” Pad:

York City is dubbed the financial capital of the world, therefore, has long been inundated with corporate housing providers who assist companies to find short-term accommodations for their management teams and employees.

The apartments are generally furnished, move-in ready, and perfect for new Yorkers. Especially, if you are moving into a short term rental because of the renovation project, this goes in your interest.

6- Think like Tourist:

Eye-catchy images and nearby located apartments on hosting platforms may be tempting but might turn out more expensive than what you planned to spend on rent.

Instead, look out for the growing number of long-staying options and you can select the one that best falls under your budget. You may also request a lower rate when visiting during the off-season.

AKA owns and provides properties in ideal locations in NYC with enmities like those of hotels. They offer internet facilities, house caring, and tea service along with reduced rents.

 7- Settle for a Coliving Space:

If you are comfortable with sharing your personal space with strangers for a short period and qualify for the criteria, consider various opportunities with co-living in the city.

These co-living spaces present a private bedroom with complete access to the kitchen, and housecleaning.

Tribe and Goal House have extended the limit to two months while Dwell offers to stay for as much as three months. The prices for such staying options range between $1,175 and $1,500 in co-living spaces.

Exploring the Untraditional

Short term rentals are slightly different from traditional rentals, so you may have to go about different avenues to find one. But with patience and a little strategy, finding a short term rental in NYC is possible.

FAQs – Short Term Rentals in NYC

Are NYC Short Term Rentals Legal?

Most shortterm rentals in New York City are illegal and violators can face stiff fines. A ‘host’ cannot have more than one listing at any one New York City address.

What about Short Term Rentals in NYC are illegal?

If you own or lease out the property in the city, you are not allowed to rent it to anyone for less than 30 days.

How do I Find Short Term Rentals in NYC?

You can find short term housing in NYC on these platforms:

  • Airbnb
  • VRBO
  • TripAdvisor
  • HomeToGo
  • Expedia

Does NYC Housing Offer Six Month Leases?

NYC allows for 6-month leases. The rent term also varies depending on the terms and conditions of the rental agreement.

Can you Rent an Apartment in NYC for three Months?

Some New York City short term rentals include rental agreements for one month, but they are rare.

Is Subletting illegal in NYC?

New York City rules and regulations allow subletting. However, the space has to meet certain criteria. For instance, apartment buildings must have at least four units to sublet.

Why is it So Hard to Find an Apartment in NYC?

There is a decreased supply of apartments in NYC thanks to factors like the pandemic and the downturn in the economy. Renters face intense competition when searching for all types of rentals, including short term ones.

How Can I Avoid Short Term Rental Scams in NYC?

Short term rental scams are real, so read listings carefully. Most legitimate listings will have or will provide the following:

  1. A legitimate preferred payment method; those that request payment by check or wire transfer should be red flags;
  2. A verifiable address; and
  3. Property history, including tax documents and ownership information.

Be wary of rentals that require you to pay in advance.