How Good is Mortgage Refinance for you in NYC?

By: ROS Team

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Getting a mortgage is often the toughest step in arranging a budget for a home. Getting it to refinance also remains in our drawing-room discussions. People always come and tell us how they are making the best out of refinancing and make you think of it as well.

However, refinancing should be done with much care and shall be pursued for personal reasons only. First, you need to understand it so that you are not carried away due to a lack of information.

Read this piece of writing to get some insight into mortgage refinancing.

Do you Understand Refinancing?

In simple words, refinancing is the replacement of your current mortgage with a new loan. People are pushed for various reasons to pursue refinancing such as to reduce their monthly payments, lower their interest rate, settle a loan, etc.

The process works in the same way as getting a first mortgage. You shall first research the mortgage options at your disposal. Prepare the required documents before filling in the loan application for approval.

Following are the major reasons for refinancing your mortgage:

Reasons to Refinance:

Usually, people refinance due for one of the following reasons:

  • Low Interest Rate:

One of the major reasons for considering refinancing mortgages is the lower interest rates. When you take a loan at a lower interest, it means lower costs.

  • Improved Credit Score:

You initially took a loan with a score that set a higher interest rate for you. Now if you have improved your credit score, you may consider refinancing it at a better interest rate.

How early you can settle your loan determines how low your interest rate shall be. If you have improved your credit score over time then it is a better option for you.

  • Planning Long Term Loan:

One trick to lower the monthly payment is to get your mortgage refinanced. You get a new loan, be it at the same rate, for a longer time which helps you meet your monthly costs.

If you are unable to keep up with your expenses and need that loan for sustainability, then you shall consider it otherwise extending your loan term is not a good idea at all.

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  • To Invest Somewhere Else:

You are planning to invest money in a new real estate unit for tough days. It works on the principle of taking a new bigger loan for a long time so you could use the spare money to invest in other property. However, for that purpose, you need to maintain your loan to value ratio.

Some Added Benefits of a Home Refinance:

While we have already discussed why people opt to refinance mortgages, here are some of the added benefits you may enjoy by refinancing:

  • Get Rid of Private Mortgage Insurance:

You may reduce the monthly expenses by refinancing mortgages as those homeowners who have paid off the principal amount will not be required to pay mortgage insurance.

  • Reducing Monthly Payments:

As you are likely to save some money due to lower monthly payments by refinancing, you may use that money to settle other loans.

  • Move onto a Fixed Rate Loan from an Adjustable Rate Mortgage:

In an adjustable-rate mortgage, your expenses may keep changing as the interest rate changes while shifting to a fixed-rate loan is likely to give you a sense of security.

  • Consolidating your Previous Loan:

You can consolidate your previous loan with the new one and make things smoother for yourself.

  • Use Equity to Extract Cash:

If you have been planning to invest some money in real estate, you can take the equity your current mortgage has and use that money to invest somewhere else.

Disadvantages of Refinancing:

Refinancing a mortgage is not always a win-win situation but rather carries its repercussions. You must take it with a grain of salt.

Though you might be enticed by the amount which is likely to be transferred to your bank account, taking a loan is not always the best option. Along with certain benefits, you might have to face a bit of trouble.

The chief disadvantage of refinancing a mortgage is that it elongates your loan period. If you were more than halfway to settling your previous loan, then refinancing is likely to extend the loan period sufficiently.

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For example, if you were already halfway through settling your current loan say you have paid a loan for 20 years of your 30-year loan, taking another loan for 30 years means a complete lifetime and is not a good idea until you are not pressed hard due to circumstance.

Generally, it goes in your favor when the new interest rate is lower than your previous interest rate and savings outweigh refinancing costs.

Tips to Get the Best Deal on Refinancing:

Getting a home loan is not like traditional shopping where you visit a market and get the best item within your budget. Instead, to get a better mortgage deal, you have to work hard to get the best deal.

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So what should you do? The best strategy which works in such situations is to reach out to several lenders, a mixture of big and small names. You are going to get various rates along with different rates.

Then analyze all the offers and see who offered you the most attractive offer.

Note: You shall take a mortgage to refinance in the bigger picture to see if it really works in your favor or not.

Final Words:

By refinancing your mortgage you are likely to lower your monthly mortgage expense, settle your current mortgage faster, or may get cash to invest somewhere else. However, you need to know refinancing well before taking a loan.

Let us know if this reading helped you in getting a good insight into a mortgage refinance.