Most Haunted Places In New York

By: ROS Team November 19, 2021

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Are you looking for some of the most sorted a hunted places in NYC? Well. Brace yourself up for a scary ride because NYC has no parallel when it comes to hunted places. You might be able to visit some of these places while others are private and you would not be allowed in.

Let us get to the One by One:

1. The White Horse Tavern:

It holds especially literary touch as it remains one the favorite hunted place for writers and authors. Many famous icons such as Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, Dylan Thomas, Norman Mailer, Bob Dylan, and Jim Morrison paid a visit to this spine-chilling place. It is said that a man named Dylan Thomas drank 18 straight whiskey shots which lead to his death and his ghost is quoted to roam around.

2. Mark’s Church In The Bowery:

Like every hunted place, this church is also known to be famous because of the ghosts of Peter Stuyvesant who loves to sing hymns in Dutch. It continues to leave people in awe of the stories of ghosts.

3. The Dakota:

It is a residential building near the central park. Scenes of the famous film “Rosemary’s Baby” were shot here. People come to have a spiritual experience over here or it could be the curiosity that appeals to people towards it. People are not allowed to go in so the majority of New Yorkers seem to wander on 72nd Street and Central Park.

Famous English singer Jhon Lenin who was a global icon for peace was assassinated here which continues to attract people, maybe to pay respect to a legendary character.

4. Morris Jumel Mansion:

Morris-Jumel Mansion is one of the most famous historic places in New York in the official documents of the National Register of Historic Places. It’s also known as the oldest house in Manhattan. It was a residence of Colonel Roger Morris (1727-94), a highly celebrated British Army officer.

It has more feathers in its hat as it served as a headquarters for General George Washington and his officers during the Revolutionary War. The house was purchased by Eliza and Stephen Jumel in 1810. According to one legend, Eliza had an affair with Aaron Burr, the former vice president. Stephen died mysteriously while it is attributed to Eliza that she buried Stephen alive. Eliza has a divorce from Burr three years later and had a mental breakdown before her demise.

This mansion is said to have been haunted by 5 spirits including Eliza, Stephen Jumel, Aaron Burr, to name a few.

The good news for the wanderers is that it is open for visitors. And if you fancy a meet-up with spirits, pay a visit to Morris-Jumel Mansion.

5. House of Death:

“House of Death near Washington Square Park in Greenwich Village is the most threatening building in New York. For locals, it is the most haunted building in New York.

According to folklore, it got its name due to several mysterious deaths in the house over some time. What is more interesting is that a celebrated writer Mark Twain spent almost a year in the building and it is reported that his ghosts are also spotted in the building.

There is a written note outside the house stating that “In this house once lived Mark Twain”. Mark Twain is the author of the famous classic The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.  Jan Bryant Bartell, who is an actress wrote a book in which she describes several paranormal experiences she braved here.

6. New Amsterdam Theater:

New Amsterdam is a famous Disney destination for Broadway theatre lovers. It has a rich history of entertaining New Yorkers. It also comes under the National Register of Historic Places as the oldest Broadway theatre.

The legend which is speculated about New Amsterdam Theater is that ghost of an actress named Olive Thomas who is described as the “The Most Beautiful Girl in New York City” of the time who died because of an overdose of mercury bichloride pills which her husband used to give to treat her roams in the theatre.

7. Kreischer House:

It is another sinister house situated at Staten Island which hosts a ghost of the son of its owner by German immigrant and “brick-factory baron” Balthasar Kreischer. One of his twin sons committed suicide and his body was burnt in the basement which gives legitimacy to the rumors.

People have witnessed strange activities as well as ghosts of the residents. A famous HBO show was also filmed here which was showcased on the reality TV series Paranormal Lockdown.

8. Amityville Horror House:

If you take a short trip on the outskirts of the city, almost an hour’s drive away, you would enter into a village that is home to Amityville Horror House. In 1974, there happened a gory and cold murder. A family who bought this house soon afterward has registered complaints about the paranormal activities in the house. There is a famous horror movie named after the house.

The house is a private residence so visitors are not allowed to enter the house. You may, however, have a sidewalk around the house.

Final Words:

No matter in which city you visit a hunted place, visit at your peril because we always get to know about the unpleasant experiences visitors have at those places.

And for those places which are private residences, try being decent and mannerly if you happen to be there.

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