Top 18 Guest Room Essentials for Your Home

By: ROS Team

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Whether you are expecting guests for a night or for an entire week, it’s important to make them feel cozy and comfortable in your guest room. Knowing what to include in your guest room can be difficult, so we’ve compiled a list of guest room essentials that you can use to maximize your guest space.

Guest Room Essentials List

#1  A Comfortable Mattress

Your guests will be tired, especially if they have traveled from far way. While you might be busy cooking dinner, they’ll likely be looking forward to having a relaxing place to rest. Ensuring the bed in the guest room has a comfortable mattress will do the trick.

#2  Plenty of Bath Towels

Guests may hesitate to ask for towels, or they may accidentally use ones that were meant for decoration. Leaving a stack of fluff towels on their bed or easily accessible in the bathroom will help alleviate the uncertainty of asking for towels and irritation from someone using the wrong ones.

#3  Device Charging Accessibility

We live in a digital era, and almost everyone, including you, sleeps near or with mobile devices. A nightstand or bedside table is another guest bedroom essential; make sure it’s placed near an electrical socket so that your guests can charge their devices with ease.

#4  Guest Room Seating

Offering extra seating for your guests can go a long way toward creating a memorable stay. Placing a bedroom bench or an accent chair in your guest room not only adds to room’s decor, but it provides a place for your guests to sit.

#5  Extra Pillows and Blankets

Temperature regulation is important when entertaining guests overnight. Similarly, you want your guests to enjoy the maximum level of comfort during their stay. You can achieve both by making a few extra pillows and blankets available to your guest during their stay.

Extra Pillows and Blankets
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#6  Internet Access

Before going to bed, your guests may want to update their status on social media. So, if you have Wi-Fi, remember to share the password with your guests or put it on an index card in the guest room. Guest room Wi-Fi is a modern-day necessity, so we consider it a guest room essential.

#7  Covered Trash Can

If your guest room is not used frequently, chances are it won’t have a trash can. Having a covered trash can is one of the main guest room essentials as it provides guests with an easy way to dispose of their trash.

#8  Fan

Some people find it difficult to sleep without a fan. It’s great if your guest room has a ceiling fan. If not, add a small table fan on the dresser and make sure it works before your guests arrive.

#9  Full Length Mirror

One of our favorite guest bedroom essentials is a full-length mirror. A mirror is a cool option for checking your makeup or your outfit before stepping out. Having a large mirror in the guest room will help your guests see themselves from head to toe. If you place it across from a lamp or window, a mirror will make your room feel larger.

Full Length Mirror
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#10  Adequate Room Lighting

Guests are strangers in your house, and you don’t want them to stumble around. Your guest room may have overhead lights, but night lamps on the side tables can make a huge difference, especially at night.

#11  Toiletries

It’s always a good idea to have basic toiletries on hand, including a neutral shampoo, tissues, extra toilet paper, a set of new toothbrushes and toothpaste, and bath soap. This will come in handy if your guests have forgotten to pack their own.

#12  Alarm Clock

No one wants to get up early while on vacation, but your guest may have to wake up early to take medication. Or maybe they want to wake up early to enjoy your house’s scenic views or surprise you with breakfast. If your guests prefer to sleep without their phones, an alarm clock will help provide them with a sense of time.

#13  A Luggage Rack

Do you want your guest’s luggage opened on your new duvet? Having a luggage rack in the guest room not only helps save your furniture, but it also helps make unpacking or accessing the items in a suitcase easier for your guests.

#14  Water Bottles

Some guests may want to have a glass of water at night. And you probably don’t want your guests to have to navigate to the kitchen if they become thirsty during the night. So make sure your guest room has a bottle or two of drinking water.

#15  Fragrance

Having a pleasant fragrance in your guest room is a nice way to help guests settle into the space and relax. Choose a fragrance that’s warm and pleasing. Apply the fragrance a couple of days before your guests arrive so it has a chance to settle in the room.

#16  Adequate Storage Space

Most of us have converted our guest rooms into storage spaces that contain random pieces of furniture of clothing that we no longer wear. But when you are expecting guests, you’ll want to make sure you leave enough space for guests’ luggage and outfits in the closet and drawers.

Adequate Storage Space
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#17  An Iron

People often overlook a clothes iron, but this is one of the main guest room essentials to include. Your guests’ clothes may have wrinkled in the suitcase, so ensure you have a clothes iron and ironing board accessible for them to use if needed.

#18  Reading Material

Having a selection of books or magazines related to your guest’s interests will also help them feel welcome and will give them something to do during their downtime.

Guest Bedroom Checklist: Extras

Extra #1 – Medicine

Your guests will probably travel with their required medications, but it is nice to have a few common medications like allergy pills and headache tablets on hand in a medicine cabinet or in the guest room. Be sure to inform them that the medicine is available if they need it.

Extra #2 – A Hair Dryer

Although a hairdryer is not a guest bedroom essential, having a hairdryer in your guest’s bathroom will be appreciated.

Extra #3 – A Spare Key

Guests will likely be less comfortable going out of the house if they don’t have a key to get back into the house. Providing them with a spare key will give them more freedom to roam outside of the house if you’re unable to accompany them.

Extra #4 – TV Guide and TV Remote Instructions

If your guest room has a TV, we recommend preparing a channel guide and instructions for operating the television remote for your incoming guests.

Extra #5 – Writing Tools

Place a notebook and a pen on the side table in case your guests need to write something.

Final Thoughts

There’s no right or wrong guest room essentials list. We’ve only included some of the essentials that you may want to include in your guest room, but it’s only meant to be a guide. We hope these simple guest room essentials help make your guest room welcoming and your guests feel at home.

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