Top 12 Best Floor Lamps For Bedroom Of 2023

By: ROS Team

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Having proper lighting in the room is one of the basic requirements. It not only adds grace to the room but makes our life comfortable. You can experiment with lighting in the room in various ways to give every corner of the room a distinctive look.

In addition to it, you may set light according to the activities you will be conducting in that corner of the room such as reading or relaxing. Besides installing light bulbs in the ceiling, you may deploy different lamps at different places to illuminate your place.

In modern interior design, lamps are not used only for light but as a showpiece or as a decorative piece, as well.

Best Floor Lamps For Living Room

  1. Micro LED Floor Lamp
  2. Leaf LED Floor Lamp
  3. Hardware Slimline Task Floor Lamp
  4. Dorette Floor Lamp
  5. The Chip on Board Technology Floor Lamp
  6. Arc LED Floor Lamp
  7. Hektar Floor Lamp
  8. Bower LED Floor Lamp
  9. Allsop Luna Lamp
  10. Tripod Floor Lamp
  11. Industrial Floor Lamp
  12. Isamu Noguchi Floor Lamp


1- Micro LED Floor Lamp

Micro LED Floor Lamp is very pleasing aesthetically and its slim design makes it popular among New Yorkers. One extra feature of this lamp is that it may provide you with light in four different brightness levels and four different color temperatures.

hotel room interior with floor lamp

It has a very friendly adjusting control and you can even make it focus on a certain point. It has a high neck almost 65 inches high.

2- Leaf LED Floor Lamp

To add to a minimalist list of lamps, here is a Leaf LED Floor Lamp. The strongest features of the Leaf LED Floor Lamp are that it is slim, elegant, and beautiful. It gives the light in a shade of leaf which is adjustable to any direction.

3- Hardware Slimline Task Floor Lamp

It is minimal and attractive. If you plan to read while sitting on a cozy sofa then have this lamp side by. You may adjust the bulb and get it to focus right on the pages you are glancing over. It also has a dimmer facility so you may adjust it according to your requirements.

4- Dorette Floor Lamp

If you want to have a one-floor lamp that may serve both purposes, illuminate the room and add value to the interior, then buy this lamp without a second thought.

The lamp is made up of a steel and brass base which gives it a classic look.

5- The Chip on Board Technology Floor Lamp

Buy this lamp to add some vibrant colors to your interior besides its lighting. It is small in size and slim in the frame which makes it eye-catchy. You may buy it in colors such as orange, navy blue, bronze, and red.

6- Arc LED Floor Lamp

Instead of any hanging bulb from the top, this high neck floor lamp’s complete arc is a light. It has a curving neck and makes the shape of the English capital letter “C”.

If you are tech-savvy and obsessed with modern digital tools then this Arc LED Floor Lamp is certainly for you.

7- Hektar Floor Lamp

Here comes a lamp that has the capacity to illuminate your whole room. Besides, you may choose to set how you want your room to be lit.  It carries LED light bulbs which work independently of each other.

Not only you may choose the direction but you may set the height as well. It has a maximum height of 69 inches. It has a versatile nature which means you may set it in a living room, bedroom, or in any office.

8- Bower LED Floor Lamp

If you are a fan of stylish items in the room, then the lamp is pure class. It is one of the finest craftsmanship for the purpose to add value to your interior.

It is neither small in size nor too big which makes it extremely pleasing and comfortable in using.

two vintage lamps on a wood cabinet

9- Allsop Luna Lamp

Most of the floor lamps come in vertical long neck style but this is purely variety and exception as it comes in a round shape. You may keep it on the floor, directly on the sofa, or even on books to have maximum light. Its light is extremely soft and soothing for the eyes.

10- Tripod Floor Lamp

Among different varieties of lamps, the tripod lamp wins the heart above others. To be honest, it is very unique and industrial besides being helpful with its brilliant light arc.

On the flip side, it is expensive compared to traditional floor lamps but this is where quality beats the cost. To furnish your living room, all you need is a nice sofa, a fine rug, and an elegant tripod floor lamp.

11- Industrial Floor Lamp

It looks like a street lamp that has its bulb exposed. It makes a classic statement. It has a metal stand that is available in various colors so you may choose according to the interior theme in your apartment.

As its bulb hangs high so it can enlist maximum space around it. Because of its good light, readers shall exclusively go for this Industrial Floor Lamp.

12- Isamu Noguchi Floor Lamp

So far, all of the lamps were economical but not this one. Apart from functioning as a floor lamp, it is a piece of art worth keeping and praising. As for its design, they are made up of handmade Washi paper with bamboo ribbing fixed on a metal frame. Not only its style is eye-catchy but its light is also soothing to the eyes.

If you have a budget of $900, this lamp is strongly recommended to you.

Get one of these most elegant floor lamps to add value to your apartment interior.

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